From Out of Channels on TELEGRAM:

Just as a follow up to the post above regarding President Trump and General Flynn… 

For the past four years, I have watched and studied every move they were making. 

Here are a couple common sense things I would like to point out. President Trump and General Flynn both sacrificed greatly to lead us in this fight. Both of them hate to lose at anything. Especially President Trump!  Think about this President Trump would go after Rosie O’Donnell over a tweet he didn’t like for weeks. So do you think for one second he would just walk away this quietly and turn our entire Government over to a radical communist party you do not know President Trump. 

No possible way!

General Michael Flynn is one of the smartest Military minds in our Nation there is no possible way he would stand for that either. 

Both of these men are Masters of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. If you have studied this book and know it well, you would completely have confidence in what is happening right now. Think about all the resignations, peace treaties, and trade deals, that took place all over the world for the past four years that people are now just forgetting about. “The artful master wins without firing a shot” and “His victories are won without drawing attention to himself”

I feel like when Trump is proven the rightful President the victory will come because of our Constitutional Laws and Our Military. 

Both President Trump and General Flynn are Christian’s and I know they believe in the foundation that our fore fathers established this Republic on. I truly believe that there is a much bigger plan unfolding here in America and around the world that will soon be revealed to us all. I know that at this moment it is hard to believe but something in my spirit is telling me to stand strong and to continue to pray. Do not give into fear because that is the opposite of faith and faith is what I have in the Most High God. HE (and They) will not abandon us.

“If you’re still here, you’re here for a reason. You’re chosen. Never give up. No matter what happens or how bad it gets, you’ll never fail if you continue to walk in faith & stand up for truth. Hold the line!” — Liz Crokin