A fascinating read at this website brought to my attention by CJ Truth at TELEGRAM. As many of us have been doing, we’re going back to the Q posts, paying special attention to the earliest posts which are giving many of us “Aha!” moments as we understand what was meant, hinted at…what Q was telling us without violating classified information.

We are still amazed at the precision of those info-laden “drops” that told us what the future would bring. Q referred to the Looking Glass, which some have interpreted as a reference to a super computer that calculates an opponent’s move in any given situation. I don’t know if that’s the answer, but something is at play here that truly does what Q said it would –“future proves past.”

The unfolding events of the present were foretold four years ago.

CJ Truth gave us the Q drops in a pdf file. (I have been capturing them when Q dropped them, as Q told us to archive everything.)

Here’s the link to Decoding Symbols. This will get you started: