Dan Scavino tweets a Panda band Trump video

Panda = child trafficking, PANDA EYES

Also, Seth Rich used code name Panda and looked to move a ton of DNC and Clinton information to Wikileaks a few years ago. Then Rich gets killed (murdered by two MS 13 thugs reportedly hired by Podesta/HRC. Florida US Rep Debbie Wassermann Schultz reportedly in on scheme).

1:06 timestamp on 2nd Trump video is match to Seth Rich drop.

& 51 second video match to Q51

Background: When the scene is abusive, behind the scene has been abusive too. That’s why all people involved in child pornography, snuff and abuse movies are prosecuted. The child even during the movie making process is under mental and physical abuse.

Warning; Graphic. What are Panda eyes? Why pandas with all-black eyes are interesting to pedophiles? Apart from pedophile’s symbolism officially warned on the FBI’s website which includes code words and signs, the rest are to…