Lin Wood re: Isaac Kappy’s discovery of pedo blackmail tapes

Lin Wood on TLEEGRAM:

“I ran across some unintentional misinformation on another channel today which I wanted to correct describing Isaac Kappy’s key (or password) to the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail video files. 

The key to the files is:

“ has issued protections on this matter” [inside the quotations].

I posted the key (password) on Parler several weeks ago before I was removed from the site.

I received the information from a credible source who hired me as counsel and his/her identity is and shall remain confidential.

I do not know if my involvement helped reveal the blackmail tapes. I hope  it did.

We must stop pedophilia and child sex trafficking. The risk I took was well worth the potential benefit to the world and to children.

I did not involve General Flynn. The key (password) was not used in any manner by me as it relates to Chief Justice John Roberts or Former VP Mike Pence. My posts related to potential wrongdoing by those officials are based on the evidence of a credible whistleblower not related to the video files. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

In case you missed this interview when it was originally posted. Re: Chief Justice John Roberts.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. any government lies i can tolerate but the pic on the child abuse just hurt my soul i pray for all the ones who are bringing the truth and justice aboard thank you mr LIN there no words to express how grateful i am for all u guys do for humanity powerful prayers and blessing to you and all

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