This article was recommended by Gen. Mike Flynn.   I read it and you MUST read it too to fully understand what we’re up against regarding China. Read it slowly and carefully.

I sent it to a friend who spent seven years working and living in China from 2005 – 2012, and this was her reply.

“…it just reinforces my feeling that China will, and is well on their way to ruling the world.

The West made the fatal error of thinking the Chinese could be “contained” and made to work for us, but as usual, GREED took the place of ethics and the West was suckered in, and now it’s too late. We are all complicit in a way, looking for bigger mark ups at Retail and constantly pushing Chinese for lower pricing. Thus manufacturing that had taken place in Taiwan was very quickly transitioned to Mainland China.

Another thought of mine is that no matter how well you think you know the Chinese, you don’t. They have no moral or ethical background as we do with our religion. They are a brutal people and I predict when our Grandkids are working, they will probably work for a Chinese company.”

She then sent me an interview Maria Bartiromo did two days ago with Mike Pompeo, which you can watch before OR after you read this piece by Lee Smith. It doesn’t matter, but know that the article goes into greater detail, especially with the history and the players who got us into this dire mess.

My friend also said, ‘Mike Pompeo who is a good man laying it out how China has tightened its stranglehold on the US…Biden will only play into China’s hands because they own him. Trump tried but I think he was swimming against the tide or should I say tsunami.”

My reply: Take heart — Trump’s not done yet.  And when he returns as our rightful president, I’m guessing he’ll have Mike Pompeo at his side. Pompeo is Presidential timber.  We are hoping he is named Trump’s VP for the duration of Trump’s second term, and that it paves the way to Pompeo for President 2024