And her?

Lin Wood writes:


Sidney Powell has informed me that she will NEVER agree to my suggestion that she pay Dominion and Smartmatic fifty cents to settle their collective $4 Billion defamation lawsuits. 

Her exact words were “they can pound sand.”

Man oh man, Sidney is one tough cookie. Dominion and Smartmatic better watch out. She is going to Kraken them.


And this from Bobby Piton:


More… from Bobby Piton:

70% of the Republicans in Congress have shown the world that they are in fact #RINO’s.  Conservatives in this Nation have been abandoned. 

Assuming IL is just as bad as Congress (psst… I think the GOP in IL is worse) then the 30% of the positions held in IL by the GOP are in fact only about 9%. 

1 in 11 Positions in IL is held by TRUE REPUBLICANS.  The rest are nothing less than Dem’s with some “conservative leanings”.  This is why over 35% of the State doesn’t hold any party affiliation. 

The United Patriots of America is the Political Party I have launched.  I will attempt to get True Republicans to join me in building out IL as the test case… what do we really have to lose????  Please stay tuned as I will be looking into just how much work this would take.  How many people would need to get involved… how much money would need to be raised, etc.  A full fledged business plan. 

Follow me on United Patriots of America  On twitter at UAmerica333 

Thank you  God Bless!