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Who’s the quarterback. Who’s the wide receiver?

Rule of thumb, those who got the Bush Sr. funeral envelopes are already gone. Those are the old schoolers. You won’t see them in the upcoming tribunals unless it’s a prerecorded video that Potus releases. He will announce it though. All things hidden must come to the light for healing. The new schoolers like Schiff and Schumer and many others, you’ll most likely see live vs recorded. American people deserve to see it. Justice is best served warm.

There’s Mike Pence and Sam239. Two different people. July 2019 the real Pence was arrested and switched out. His plain (sic) stopped on the runway and his trip was cut short. The call tag for Af2 changed from that point forward to Sam239. Which is biblically Samuel 23:9. Look it up. Good to read your Word. Good for your soul. God’s plan. God’s timing. 👍👍 #Ncswic

Women get the rope. Men get the rifle rounds. Punishment for conspiracy and treason. General rule of thumb.

1 Samuel 23:9

King James Version

9 And David knew that Saul secretly practised mischief against him; and he said to Abiathar the priest, Bring hither the ephod.

Pence tried to assassinate Potus on his trip to NK. Of course Pence had another 100 crimes before that, but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He was brought on by Potus originally to gather intel. He had Pence’s ## from day 1. Friends close enemies closer kind of deal. Anyone close with Bush and Clinton are criminals by default. He was buddies with both of them for decades. True swamp monster. The guy that played Pence for 18 months is a stand up guy. Man of faith. Bold and a great speaker. Unlike Pence the treasonous pedophile.

Those rooting for life in Gitmo. Newsflash. Gitmo isn’t big enough for all the criminals. Better to level out the Earth’s frequencies. Fema guillotines are interesting. I saw a big order of those.

I know undoubtedly Q is real. Also project looking glass is real. It’s why you need to take the drops seriously. Most of it is all there. Future proves past. Mathematically impossible are the confirmations.

Don’t take any vaccine. Ever. No reason to. Never ever go on a ventilator. Med beds are coming. Pharmaceutical industry isn’t going to like it. Well fuck them they are murderers. Also the FED can go to hell.

I’ve dropped Gab and anonup for this evening to give telegram some 🥰

If you actually follow the drops Anonup is the place to be. There’s a lot of great and serious digital soldiers there, so Fyi people there don’t put up with any trolls or bullshit. There’s also a nice fooked button too. 🚨

JUST IN – Trident missile launched from a submarine just off the coast in South Florida?


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I’m doing Telegram from the phone so videos here will be limited. I could download the software on PC but in my opinion it’s too much of a security risk. Point is, the videos will be more on gab and anonup.

Check my last posts on Gab and anonup if you are doubting I’m really here. Godspeed Patriots.

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