George Webb was my first. He came before Q. And the crimes Webb revealed a full year before Q turned up remarkably run parallel with the clues Q pointed us toward.

Here’s Webb’s latest, an excerpt from his latest short book.

In my 2020 banned book, Awan Minutes To Midnight, I predicted DNC insiders like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi would orchestrate a coup against President Trump.  I predicted the bewitching hour this would happen would be Election Eve – that was the “midnight” in the book’s title, Awan Minutes To Midnight.

The book outlined in detail how this Midnight would be executed and enforced though the use of ANTIFA operators like Keith Ellison and Andre Carson in the US Congress. We are now living in that midnight. The election was indeed stolen, and an eight-foot fence was quickly erected around the Capitol and then an eleven-foot fence farther out without concertina wire at an even further distance from the Capitol.

The easily predictable Stalinesque style purges would be soon to follow. Trump would be impeached a second time in a Soviet-style show trial. ANTIFA operatives working overseas and outside the US border would now be brought in. It would be the midnight predicted in Awan Minutes To Minute.

In this new book, Awan Minutes Past Midnight, I take apart the operative network I outline after years of research on Capitol Hill. I provide a clear cut strategy to move forward and escape the midnight we are now in. But it won’t be easy. It will take some reading to understand how the “midnight” happened and how to escape it. But we can do it. But we have to face up to the realities that an operative network has infiltrated our Congress and strangled our US Constitution within an inch of its life.

But there is hope if you read and understand before you act. And you are going to need to help others read and understate before they act as well. With that being said, enjoy Awan Minutes Past Midnight.

The following illustrations will introduce you to how I am, and how I came to outline the operative network currently choking the United States Constitution to death before our very eyes in the Soviet-style impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

In order to disrupt any Constitution choking operative network, you first need to identify it. I did this by first finding one of the encrypted communications devices.

Figure 1 – Investigative Journalist George Webb Found The Encrypted Devices Used In The DNC’s Operative Network In May Of 2017

I then identified all the Representatives in the US Congress using these illegal, encrypted devices for nefarious purposes.

Figure 2, George Webb Identified The 45 Key Users Of The Illegal, Encrypted Communications Devices In The US Congress

Next, I identified the key leaders of the operative network through Wikileaks and other news reporting.

Figure 3 – Investigative Journalist George Webb Quickly Found Wikileaks Emails Implicating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi At The Center Of The Operative Ring Along With A Key Aide With Diplomatic Immunity Named Imran Awan

I then followed the trail of where this military-grade encryption was coming from with these encrypted devices being carried by Congress.  The encryption trail led directly to General David Petraeus of the CIA.

Figure 4 – Through Analyzing Encrypted Devices Used By The Operative Network In Congress, George Webb Quickly Traced Them To Same Encrypted Phones Given To The Mujahideen In Kosovo In 1999 And Through The Succeeding Years To Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, And Antifa

I then began honing in on the key connections between the US Congress and these terrorist operative networks Being Brought into the United States by the CIA.  A key member of the DNC was Representative Keith Ellison who maintained connections with Muslim Brotherhood and Antifa operatives.  From there, it was easy to predict these operatives would be used in a false flag operation against President Donald Trump in the event of a Trump landslide.

Figure 5 – Antifa Operatives Being Used Against Trump In Case Of A Landslide Reelection Was Easy To Predict. DNC Executive Keith Ellison Would Be The Lead Man For A False Flag At The Capitol On January 6th, 2021.

In a poorly executed false flag operation where Antifa and Proud Boys operators were immediately identified in real-time, the connections to Antifa and the CIA’s Psychological Operations Group immediately surfaced.

Antifa Operators In January 6th False Flag Operation At The Capitol Were Quickly Pointed Out By Investigative Journalist George Webb

In addition to Antifa operators identified by myself, I also was able to quickly identify General David Petraeus’s operatives at the false flag event at the Capitol because I had interviewed Joe Biggs, the leader of the Proud Boys, in December of 2018 at Trump Hotel in Washington, DC.  I identified him that night as a member of General Stanley McChrystal’s 4th Psychological Operation Group.

Upon Seeing Joe Biggs Associated With The Proud Boys At The January 6th Capitol False Flag Operation, Investigative Journalist George Webb Immediately Ties The Operation To The CIA’s 4th Psychological Operation Group

On the day after the election, upon consultation with a colleague, I speculated that the leader of the Proud Boys, a black Cuban leader named Enrique Tarrio, of a “White Supremacist” group, would be a likely Psychological Operations player in election operations.  I speculated on November 6th, 2020 that he had to be an FBI informant with such a nonsensical association.  It turned out that I was right.

I identified the operations against the Mall Entrance of the Capitol immediately as a false flag operation.  Mainstream media would later agree with my assessment of the groups involved and the key, critical locations of operations, but they would contend Trump inspired them to violence.

A month later, the Wall Street Journal confirmed my reporting.  The key operations group was indeed Proud Boys at the exact location I had positioned myself at the Capitol to record initial operations against the Capitol on January 6th.

George Webb Immediately Identified The “Orange Hats” As The Psychological Operations Group Conducting Initial Operations At The Mall Entrance To The Capitol

I invited you to join me in unfolding how these operations were affected on our Country, and how we can unwind this network.  Although the original Awan Minutes To Midnight book was banned because it predicted many of these infiltrator network activities, I can now bring you much of that original book here in future chapters.  Even though we are now in the midnight, we can benefit from the same wisdom that predicted this midnight to get us out of this midnight.

The Banned Book, Awan Minutes To Midnight, Outline The Operative Network That Would Perform A Coup And Occupation In The Event Of A Trump Reelection.


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