War is messy.

“Yeah this part of the movie sucks, and it’s long, and it’s boring as hell. It had to be this way. How many years did they post missing children on milk cartons? Decades. We were too busy with our sports and entertainment to notice. Since then, 10’s of millions of kids went missing. Raped, tortured, and killed. We had politicians and our intel agencies starting global wars where more lives were lost.

Will there be casualties during this film? Yes. There were already casualties beforehand. Unless people really wake up once and for all, the cycle repeats itself. We are at war. War is messy.”– EZRA



I sure wish we could force feed people the truth!
shut down the whole world. no one leaves their home. EBS is initiated. Every channel on t.v. plays 24 hrs of truth! over and over until the sleeping wake the fuck up!
unrealistic I’m sure, but it’s an idea.


Just shared a similar sentiment with a few people in my own chat room who are on the “I’ll believe it when I see it” kick.  
Oh, I’m sorry, did the 6 months you invested in saving the planet interrupt your otherwise perfect life?? Please leave my channel or have the respect to get some persperctive!! Anybody who is frustrated want to let me know when you’re willing to trade places with any one of those babies or the brave men and women who are saving them!!  
Frustration is one thing, but if you want to spread your doubt it will be met with a strong dose of reality you may not enjoy.


the blindness of the people is astounding…


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Some people must be shown what their voting for Democrats produces.
    If they’re Democrats, they should not be leaving their State! This is what they voted for! 🐜 fa and BLM is their choice!
    Unintended consequences? No! This is what they voted for!

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