When folks aren’t dropping in linked news items, the conversations at TELEGRAM are usually pretty interesting, sometimes waaaay out there, but often informative. Like this one tonight, for example, by Garrett M. Ziegler, a former Trump White House mid-level staffer I’ve already mentioned a few times on this blog (search his name, you’ll find the posts.) Here’s where we pick up his thread:


Mr. Nicolas Chaillan, a highly qualified expert, is appointed as the first Air Force Chief Software Officer, under Dr. William Roper, the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition,

Anyone else find it curious that Obama’s DoD created a new position — Air Force Chief Software Officer — and gave it to a foreigner, a Frenchman, who is barely older than me?

Now, as you might guess, I would be the last person to hold someone’s age against them … HOWEVER, a foreigner was picked for this? We couldn’t find one of our own people? 

Who gave him TS/SCI clearance? And who gave it to him so quickly? 

I’m sure you all realize the access that being the CSO of the USAF would afford… 

Something smells fishy about Chaillan … 

I think the taxpayers need a thorough vet of him, and perhaps a “Graph Commons”..



For updates on AZ, and the Maricopa County audit that was not, join my friend Mark’s channel. He is in the fight with us, the Great American Majority 


I told Meadows this, and POTUS, too, of course: All we have to do is count the paper ballots.    That’s it.   The ballots, when scanned, will reveal the fraud in all of its forms—counterfeit ballots, algorithms, et al. Meadows said we had “already done audits in Georgia” and Michigan. 

Meadows is so fckn dumb (or compromised) he doesn’t realize that, like Enron and so many other mob-like cartels (which is what Dominion is!), they’ve bought off/compromised the auditing companies.  

This will be the focus of my life in the coming months


Guys …

I really like the back and forth.  

I truly do. This app is great for that.

But I think I do need to clarify before some jump to conclusions:

Of course there was electronic fraud. Of course.  And Shawn Henry and MANY others were involved.  However… that is going to be a lot of moving pieces (which we WILL put together!)

However, the Occam’s razor SILVER BULLET is the ballots. My reason for the insistence on this is that these voting companies have lied ad nauseam that, even though their systems are all electronic, THE PAPER BALLOTS ARE STILL THERE IN CASE OF DISPUTES. 

What is the most distressing thing to me is that we simply did not use these treasonous BS voting companies’ words against them and take them up on their offer to look at the ballots. It was the simplest option, wouldn’t have required Rudy to understand cyber theft, which, if we’re being frank, was going to be an uphill slog, and we could have proved it. 

Like physical gold for currency, paper ballots are the only thing of intrinsic value in the voting arena..

Shawn Henry .. look him up … Bald, demon-like figure .. Crowdstrike .. Leonardo …

By the way, and this is a bit unrelated, but Carlos Salinas was at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, of course …

NXIVM .. Cartels .. “Free” Trade .. 

It’s everything you read about in history class about the Medicis, only worse 

The Bush/Clinton/Salinas evil clan is the Medici family, with iPhones and Mexican peasant hitmen!

Don’t forget abt the proposed CCP Wind Farm in Texas .. 

Look up who the land commissioner of TX is..


People are pinging me about everything, which I am honored by, but it makes me compelled to assure you that YES, I am working on the Kinzinger situation.. he is an embarrassment in all respects .. he will be taken care of


I know nothing about the contents of those envelopes at George the First’s funeral. But it is creepy, and I suggest you guys keep ask questions until someone spills the beans


My reasoning for mentioning that Salinas was at the funeral was to draw attention to the fact that those present is such a good way to decipher who is in their orbit 

The fact that Carlos make the trek to the funeral in the US, even though the DOJ at the time was in a bitter internal struggle about whether to indict his son Emiliano for his obvious crimes against women (and others) through his involvement in NXIVM is very telling..

The Occam’s razor explanation as to why Emiliano wasn’t indicted is that Carlos probably gave up Keith Raniere’s location in Mexico.

Or, someone in the Clinton orbit got to the DOJ.. probably more likely, honestly. 

Bubba and Killary installed all of their ppl at the FBLie in the 90s, and we’ve been suffering ever since..

By the way, some ppl are mad that I speak the truth abt Mexico.  It’s a failed state, obviously.   Don’t shoot the messenger; I just simply have never cared what ppl thought abt the truth. 

If they want a new government, they will get one.  

If we want a new government badly enough, we will get one. 

And, for the record, our SOF could take out the cartels.  Simple.  Not easy, but simple.  Would take our Deltas 6-9 months, tops, if they had access to all the shadow bank records.   And TRVMP offered a version of that to them in Nov 2019. They declined. They’re a proud people, which doesn’t make sense, honestly.  They can continue to be proud, or they can start being serious about the cartels.    They can choose.


…Jonathan Swan from Axios, which is really just journalistic shit warmed over, is a lap dog for hedge funds from New York, among others. He’s not even an American.  Hope he goes back. An insufferable yellow journalist. I’m sure Chris Liddell loved leaking to him

I wonder if anyone in the Australian intel world uses their FVEY spying powers to target US citizens, feeds those crumbs to Swan like the lap dog he is, and then uses that in his “writings” for Axios. 

Another reason to end FVEY now!