The Swamp Creature – “Morally questionable in a way that might be compared to Kamala Harris.”

“Lindsey Graham is taking Nikki Haley around to meet all the big donors. Yikes.” — Steve Bannon

Darren Beattie of REVOLVER.NEWS.COM on Nikki Haley:

Darren Beattie

“I’ve been a doubter for a while. During the campaign in 2016, she compared Trump to Dylan Roof, the SC shooter. Why would you appoint someone like her to the Cabinet?

She’s been bad news for a long time, emerges from the hyper corrupt South Carolina political machine – the Lindsey Graham, open border, neocon puppet, pro-big tech, she’s bad on every single front in addition to being “morally questionable in a way that might be compared to Kamala Harris.”

She’s a neo-liberal neocon. She was never tough on China, but when she saw the traction China was getting, she switched sides. She will not be the nominee, she will not be the president of the US. This MAGA movement has come too far.

She’s never been America First.

She’s a creature of the corrupt political class. She is totally a puppet of Big Corporate, big tech, and the military industrial complex.

Liz Cheney, Nikki Haley — they are NO Kristi Noem (Governor of N. Dakota), who is a fire breathing populist who IS American First.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. People like Haley and Cheney have the entitlement syndrome. They can do whatever they want to do to help their own agenda. I too was fooled for a short time as I was with Lindsey Graham. Thanks to War Room I see the light. I wish that these people would recognize that they were elected to serve: WE THE PEOPLE! So sick of their hidden agendas to HELP THEMSELVES!

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