“A few comments today on the whistleblower who makes serious and credible accusations against Chief Justice John Roberts, former VP Pence, Hillary Clinton and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

“By the way, I gave the interview to the State Bar of Georgia and Mercer Law School as well as to the U.S. Secret Service. What are these entities doing to investigate the allegations is a fair question?

“Censorship in our country is the norm for the propagandist social and mainstream media.

Censorship is the suppression of truth. Search for the information that is being censored and you will find truth.

If a person known over time to be a truth-giver is attacked as being a liar, crazy, or a conspiracy theorist, that person is telling the truth. Listen carefully.

I am fully aware of why I am being viciously attacked and smeared these days. I am speaking truth. 

And I have no intention of being intimidated or silenced. America needs truth. Now more than ever.

A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie. The propagandists work from the idea that if you hear a lie enough times, you will believe it is true.

Anyone in the media who publishes the idea that Joey “Bribes” Biden won the November 3, 2020 election is either a liar or a propagandist. Or does that distinction really exist? A propagandist is by definition a liar.

Simple truth: Joey “Bribes” Biden did NOT win the November 3 election.  Those that say Biden won are spreading a lie. They need to rethink their position sooner as opposed to later for the sake of their own future. They need to face the truth unpleasant as it may be to them – Trump won. 

After 43-years of practicing law, I will let the body of my life’s legal work speak for itself. I worked hard to get through law school and I have worked very hard for many clients over the years. Check my record. 

I do not deserve to have my license threatened and possibly revoked because I support President Trump, fight for the Bill of Rights, fight for honest elections, fight against pedophilia and child sex trafficking, and stand against corruption in high government officials. 

Based on my experience, I would also caution you that litigation is designed to establish the truth. You cannot simply accept the unproven accusations of one party to a lawsuit. 

There are two sides to every lawsuit. Both sides must be given a chance to tell their side in full. 

The State Bar of Georgia is using my fee dispute lawsuit with WGW to slander me and rob me of my law license. And the GA State Bar made no attempt to tell my side of that litigation. And please remember, the lawsuit has not yet been fully litigated and resolved. I have not had a chance to take discovery in the case yet. I look forward to having an opportunity to fairly present my side of the case. Something the State Bar of GA apparently does not want me to do or you to know. 

Anyone see an agenda at work here or is it just me?”