Every day at noon… the familiar theme song. Waiting for Rush to welcome us to the show with his ebullient voice.

Eagerly waiting to hear what Rush Limbaugh was going to say about the news of the day, the politics of the swamp, and his views on America.

What will we do without him every day? It just won’t be the same. It will take a long time to remember that every day when we reach for the dial at noon he’s not with us anymore. I am sad for all of us who loved Rush Limbaugh and the integral role he played in our lives, each of us personally. And my deepest sympathy to his wife Kathryn, his brother David Limbaugh, and the entire immediate family who will feel his absence in a way we can only imagine. The talent on loan from God has been returned to heaven. Thanks for everything, Rush. We love you.

“He was America’s president – he was the bridge between Reagan and Trump.” – Alexander Preate & Steve Bannon.