What Garrett M. Ziegler said.

From his TELEGRAM channel:

“We’ll know when the Republicans are serious about the problems w the illegals when farmers start getting arrested for hiring them. As the son of a dairy farmer, I understand the industry’s plight, and most of their discontent is because of Canada. Believe me—Canada is NOT our friend.  Their leaders treat us like shit and disrespect us. 

BLUF: There are at least 30 million illegals, they depress the wages of OUR people, and the empty suit politicos won’t do anything about it because their donor class overlords benefit from the scheme. So, if you want your nice-looking GOP congressman to be about action and not just talk, demand he schedule a meeting w the US attorney to talk about prioritizing the prosecution of industrial farm owners who hire illegals when they could be hiring our people

There are many facets to the illegals. So much sin on both sides. HOWEVER, from my vantage point, the Occam’s razor is to cut off, as well as we can, the economic incentive to leave their shitty country by swift prosecution of those who hire the illegals. If we don’t fix this, we will turn into Guatemala. And that is not a good thing to turn into

The USA has no permanent friends or “allies” — we have permanent interests. The nations of the world wax and wane as to whether they coincide with our interests. This is basic stuff. Biblical, too!

A Baptist minister told me once that “free trade” was non-Biblical.  He was right. I’d be glad to go into this more on another medium

More on Canada real quick.  They also economically rape us with regard to aluminum.  It’s horrible.  

I have friends across the Border, fellow Christians, who I treasure.   And I appreciate that Canadians don’t pour into our Country illegally. However, Canada is a big problem. Justin, apart from being a very weak and pathetic person, is also a Communist. And the Chinese are infiltrating Canada much more than the USA. 

So, again, some individual Canadians our great, but their country is hostile to our National Interests. And, remember: It’s only America FIRST

Trump and Stoltenberg get into tense exchange at NATO summit

President Trump attacked NATO allies on July 11, during an exchange with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Read more: https://wapo.st/2ujsAS0. Subscri…

One of the proudest moments regarding President Trvmp was this exchange, if you want to call it that. Just look up the transcript. Amazing stuff. We either totally reform NATO or we need to start looking at alternatives that don’t suck the great People of our Country DRY. https://youtu.be/Vpwkdmwui3k

The women in my life, who I cherish, and I believe the vast majority of women in this Country, want strength. They don’t want polka dot sock Justins from Canada. They don’t care about “manspreading”. They want our country to be respected. And they want us to surgically remove the Communist elements in the USA

Things MUST change!

My favorite OT verse!”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.
    -KING JAMES BIBLE (the real one)

    This is one instance where they did not change to words of the verse but changed the punctuation and word order in one spot. Curious.

  2. Thank You for this correction, willyvictor! They always have to change something, even if just to see IF WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION! We Are, commies!

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