…My educated guess from this notice is that ORDERS granting or denying certiorari review will be issued Monday. OPINIONS in certain cases will be issued next Thursday.

SCOTUS has very little transparency in how it functions. In my opinion, ALL courts should be considerably more transparent. I believe public confidence in the judiciary would increase as transparency increases. 

After all, We The People pay their salaries and let them wear fancy black robes to convey in part that Justices are important,

Are they that special and important? Yes and no. We need referees to honestly enforce the rules but the game belongs to the players, not the referees. 

Judges and Justices are no better than any one of us. They are people too. We just let them be referees.

Maybe the answer is to establish courts that truly answer to We The People. Perhaps a network of “Courts of the People” where disagreements can quickly and fairly resolved without the expense and delay that results from lawyers being involved. 

Then we could enact my “Modified Shakespearean” rule. We could get rid of 95% of the lawyers. Wow. Wouldn’t that make our country less litigious and more civil to each other?

Maybe its my advocacy for serious reforms in the legal profession that has the State Bar of Georgia up in arms against me?!? 

Uh oh, fewer lawyers would reduce the Bar’s revenue from license fees. etc. 

Lawyers Club of Atlanta would also have fewer members and could not serve as much free booze and fancy foods at its annual “Holiday” party . . .

Just sayin’ . . .

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸