Years ago, I did an online radio program every weeknight at 9. Since then, I’ve found that listening to the new generation of podcasters to be almost as enjoyable! So this is what I typically now do in the evenings when I’m not posting info messages to you on this site.

Picture it – sitting in my easy chair, laptop perched on a lap pillow, reading and sharing with you some of the best that I find. Yes.

But there’s something else occupying my time when I’m not at the computer.

I’m listening to podcasts – from Bards FM to X22Report to Mike Adams to Simon Parkes and others — helping me understand the big picture. While I’m listening, things tend to click into place.

So… it’s a pretty good metaphor for what I also do while I’m listening… I work on jigsaw puzzles. Like this one.

I’ve completed a dozen or so over the past few months, whiling away the evening hours listening to engaging conversation and occasionally history, like victor Davis Hanson’s interviews about ancient wars between nation states and the lessons they teach about warfare and politics. Hillsdale College recently presented an online study program — a 25-episode series hosted by Wilfred McClay, author of the book “Land of Hope, An Invitation to the Great American Story.” In it, he gives a fascinating account of our country’s founding politics, its presidents, their challenges, personalities, accomplishments, shortcomings, and the historic environment during which they lived and administered our nation.

So I am in a sense, fitting together contemporary and historic pieces into a mental picture that helps me understand where we are, where we are headed, and the history that brought us here. Last night as the final Hillsdale study episode ended, the timing was perfect — I clicked the last piece of this 1,000 piece puzzle into place, giving me the BIG picture. Literally and figuratively.