Lin Wood writes:

“We ALL have so many questions about America, our freedom, our families, our livelihoods, and our futures, to name a few. What happened to our country? How did we get here on the brink of totalitarianism? What is going to happen? What can/should we do?

Those are just some of the questions racing through the minds of concerned and observant citizens.

Personally, I ponder how in the past 6-8 months, I went from being described as a highly-respected lawyer to being smeared nationwide as mentally ill, a liar, a conspiracy theorist and a man who literally went off the rails crazy, to name just a FEW of the vicious, vile, and patently false terms used to attack me.

You would think my head would be spinning. 

It is not.

I know what is happening. I started discussing it on Twitter early in 2020. I was talking about a color revolution, Chief Justice Roberts, Bill Gates, mail-in votes, the Plandemic, censorship, Communism. etc. before talking about those subjects was cool (or not cool depending on your point of view).

No one banned me at first. That came later when my voice was heard by an increasing number of my fellow citizens. No one threatened my life. My heavily armed security team came later when my voice was heard by an increasing number of my fellow citizens.

What did I do wrong? I exercised my right of free speech to speak truth and stimulate the minds of those who were kind enough to follow me. 

I am most certainly not a prophet and I have no crystal ball or time machine. How did I know?

I was awake. I was informed. Were you? If not, are you now after experiencing an attempt to steal the Presidency of our country and install a fake leader? I pray you are. 

Bear with me. There is more to follow. I will start with a homework assignment.

Let’s get the homework assignment out of the way first. Take a few minutes and read this article about Operation Mockingbird. And accept that the CIA did not end this propaganda operation in the 1970’s. It is alive and well today but goes by many different names, but financed by you, “off the books.”

Operation Mockingbird | Operation, Outcome, Facts & Summary Notes

Operation Mockingbird indicates the CIA’s involvement in the manipulation of the news published in the United States and across the world.

Let me warn you: to understand what has happened you will have to face some hard truth – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most people avoid that painful exercise about themselves and the world around them. They would prefer to stick their head in the sand and ignore the truth, deny it, distort it, or attempt to explain it away. 

Unless we as individuals and as a collective society face the whole TRUTH, we will not be able to save ourselves or our country. You cannot fix something that you refuse to believe badly needs fixing.”

Allie, Thee, Motley, & Crew were thinking the same thing, “Put down the phone and play with us!” The puppies love their freedom. I love freedom too.