Inevitable ET posts an interesting series of questions:

“Let’s play logic, science, and theory

Vaccines use two sets of fetal cells , both patented, to use in their vaccines.  Look it up. It’s true. 

One is from a male and one is from a female. 

The same two fetal cells have been cultured over and over again since the the beginning of vaccinations and put in vaccines.

Fetal cells are stem cells. Aka they don’t have a program course of action yet. They can become any cell. They can become a nerve cell,  lung cell, heart cell, skin cell, etc.

These fetal cells/stem cells still carry a full genetic code / DNA. That DNA still describes gender on the 23rd chromosome XX (female) or XY (male).

Now let’s talk about vaccinations. 

In the 1950’s there were 4 scheduled vaccines. By 1980’s there were 24 doses of vaccines by 18 years of age. 

By 2000 there were 40+ doses of vaccines by 18 years of age. 

By 2016 there were 72+ doses of vaccines and by 2020 who knows I’ve stopped counting. 

Let’s assume that you have a 50/50 chance of receiving a vaccine with a male fetal cell or a female fetal cell.

If you’re a male and you received vaccines in 2000’s you could have gotten somewhere between 40-70 vaccinations. Flip a coin for the gender of the vaccine. What if they were all female?

What happens when a child is growing and developing their sexual bodies, introducing hormones, and more and their body has the DNA of the opposite sex floating around IN A STEM CELL, which is a blank slate as far as what cell it can become?

Would that  create a chance for a person to THINK AND FEEL that they were a different gender than they actually are biologically?

Would that cause them to be attracted to the same sex ? 

At what rate would a child randomly receive vaccinations to where the 50/50 split resulted in them receiving the opposite gender vaccine?

Is homosexuality a spectrum?

Is homosexuality increasing or decreasing (in kids) over time?

Let’s assume it’s genetic for a minute. Since homosexuals by and large don’t procreate their own children, their own genetics typically are not passed forward.

Since that is against the continuation of life, then homosexuality can’t be a dominant gene, it must be recessive. Indicating that when procreation occurs, unless two recessives met, that genetic marker wouldn’t carry forward. Pundit squares. Math and stuff. 

I have many homosexual friends that have said they have known they were different SINCE THEY WERE LITTLE KIDS. They say they were born this way and it wasn’t their choice. When is your earliest memory? Four years old ? You’ve already received 50 vaccines by then in 2020.

Truly if it were genetic then the rate should be decreasing, but it’s increasing, indicating something in their environment is pushing it that direction.

Are unvaccinated children also homosexual or transgender ? Idk. No one has done a study on it. 

Add in all the soy and endocrine/hormone disruptors in our foods, cleaners, household products, etc.

Sexual abuse in children also plays a role in sexuality – is it the driver or adding to a system that’s already developing? Both? 

All just questions.