“Let’s face this truth. Over at least the last two decades if not longer, we got complacent. We were focused on enjoying the benefits of freedom, technological advances, and what felt like an ever increasing standard of living. In short, we got lazy and took our eye of the ball. We took our freedom for granted. And what inevitably happens when you take something for granted? You stop working to keep and protect it. Until it is too late and you realize you are about to lose that which you took for granted.

If I have your interest, keep going. If I do not, feel free to go on Facebook and Instagram and write a personal diary about your daily activities replete with photos. The CIA loves information. Makes it easier for them to manipulate and brainwash you.

Most of us believe or want to believe that our fellow man has good intentions and is honest. ALERT! That is not the case. 

There are those living among us that crave money, power, fame, control, sex, and much more. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get those coveted “rewards.” In short, they are CORRUPT. And too often, the more they get, the more they want. They could care less about the average hard working citizen who just want to work hard, play fair, be with family and friends and enjoy a good life. Most of these citizens are known as “the lower to middle class.” Hillary called them “deplorables.”

You see, in order for the CORRUPT to get more of anything, they have to take more from us, the lower to middle class. Now we see the elitists, the globalists, CCP, and the like wanting to take almost total control of our country and the world. In order for them to do so, they have to take away our freedom from us. Just like they do with wealth. To get more money for themselves. They have to take more of our hard-earned money from us.

Talk about a vicious cycle! Not a pretty picture for the average citizen. Not a pretty picture for the country we are living in right now, is it?

A few more thoughts to follow.

By the way, when it comes to sex, the CORRUPT feel entitled to have sex with minor children and use them to satisfy their own perversions AND make money off of them. That is why I urge that the real worldwide pandemic is pedophilia and child sex trafficking.

But to turn back to the main discussion.

What are the most effective tools used by the enemy to gain control over the lower and middle class. FEAR and PROPAGANDA.

Propaganda is used to make you believe the lie and not see the truth. 

And the goal of the enemy in the use of fear and propaganda is to DIVIDE us. United we stand. Divided we fall. 

The enemy has been using fear and propaganda to divide us in recent years and increasingly in recent months as the enemy gets closer to achieving its goal: Control of our country and ALL of its resources, wealth, and rules for the enemy. To the victor belongs the spoils.

The most effective tool to divide us is to divide us between the informed and uninformed.

To be even more clear, the enemy wants to divide us between those who know the TRUTH and those who do not know the TRUTH which allows the latter to believe the LIE. 

The enemy wants fewer of the former and more of the latter. So the enemy viciously attacks the truth-givers. The enemy hates truth-givers as the enemy knows that TRUTH is our most effective weapon. In time, TRUTH always prevails over the LIE.

Well, I will take a break from my “crazy rant” for awhile with the promise to come back to the discussion soon. 

In the meantime, to answer the question, “what can I do?” Most importantly, get informed. Turn off the TV and do your own research. Reject the media propaganda and speak TRUTH. Do not be intimidated. Find the truth and exercise your First Amendment Right to Free Speech and SHARE the TRUTH. 

Be Fearless. 

So what if they threaten to take away your Bar license and your livelihood? What good will those things going to do for you in a totalitarian country? Answer: Not a damn thing (forgive my language but I wanted to emphasize the point!). 

Thanks for listening. God bless you. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸