“The world has gone completely mad. Beyond bonkers. Bat-shit crazy. And the most insane of all are the people currently in charge of everything: Culture, government, mainstream media, education, entertainment, finance and more.” An entertaining hour with Mike Adams. Satire guaranteed. 😎

Comment from a listener:

My husband is retired from law enforcement and the military. During his employment, he would come home with the most horrific stories. It never ceased to amaze me how cruel human beings can be, literally walking without a conscience. I developed what I called the ‘threshhold’ rule’. There were some days I just could not absorb what happened in his day no matter how good of a wife I wanted to be, he just needed to leave it at the door for my sanity. I too turn to our land and our simple life to ground myself that the world it not totally insane….just parts. Turn off the news and take a break so you can be there for your family.