Dan Scavino telling us something? Comms. Communications that longtime researching “anons” understand more so now than before.

I’m certain Scavino is on the Q team and has been all along. He’s Trump’s comms guy. With him like a shadow, no matter where Trump goes.

Scavino’s been tweeting photos lately whose messages savvy anons have deconstructed. I’ll try to explain how the anons (people like you and me) unravel the comm clues that others wouldn’t even notice. Scavino is communicating Trump’s messages through photos, images, and specific time stamps that we learned are there to cue us to go back and read the related Q post number.

Once you understand how it’s done, you realize it’s a code. A simple one. But one that for four years has been written in both future and present tenses. Anons were challenged to figure out which was which. And now, four years later (the first Q message was dropped Oct. 28, 2017) as we watch events unfolding, we have a clearer understanding of what is/was being conveyed.

Friends, it’s a sophisticated military tool used to obliquely communicate in a code with one another. Now you’re getting the idea.

Photos posted at certain times direct you, the reader, to go back and re-read identically numbered Q drops that told us what was yet to come, but it was often like seeing shadows through a heavy veil. Now, with present events unfolding, we see through the veil, and it has become ever clearer what those messages were meant to tell us. Ready to learn more? OK, here we go:

________ From QFrogman5326 at TELEGRAM ________

Scavino Major Comms: QProofs and Decodes!🍿 Today’s Tweet message.

Scavino tweeted a photo from Mar-a-Lago of the ocean and the American flag. Tweet date: 2/26. Tweet timestamp 1:06 or 13:06 military time. Look 👇

1:06 PM —> A clue. So we look back at Q Drop #106 in which he told us then on 11/5/2017 of events that would and did take place this week: 👇

Nothing is a coincidence. 
We are at war.
SA (Saudi Arabia) cut the strings.
They are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary out of their remaining power/control.
MBS (leader of SA) has been implicated in Khashoggi’s death today. Coincidence?


Now we use the military time of 13:06, a clue that points us to Q drop #1306 written on 4/30/2018👇 telling us then of an event that took place just 24 hours ago. (“watch the news”)

Define cover.
Why did we strike Syria?
Why did we really strike Syria?
Define cover.
Patriots in control.
US just struck Syria. Coincidence?


In today’s tweet, Scavino gives us more information: Today’s date is Feb 26, 2020 —> So let’s look at the message Q gave us exactly one year ago on this date. Well, look at that! A photo of our military soldiers in the Middle East, holding our flag, with the message: “Godspeed, Q” – Was Q wishing them safe operations? Think. What happened last night? Biden and the cabal bombed Syria. Hmmm… coincidence?


OK, so now let’s go back TWO years to read what Q told us then on this same date: Feb 26, 2019 takes us to Q Drop 2903 from Feb. 26, 2019, exactly 2 years ago, aka 2 yr delta) which reads:

It’s going to be HISTORIC!
Planned long ago.

The bracketed [-21] means something is going to take place less than 21 days from now. So we can assume Scavino is telling us that something is going to happen soon – within 21 days. Planned long ago – Q is telling us that the plan to clean the swamp has been in place for quite some time. Decades.

Next is the scheduled time that President Trump is slated to take the stage for his speech at CPAC –>3:40 pm. So now, we have another clue: 3:40 or 34. Of all the posts, THIS one, a profound message loaded with portent:

3:40 pm —> In Q Post # 34, the message is profound. This was one of the Q’s earliest drops (Nov. 1, 2017) and it foretold much. Anons wondered, When would this event take place? Was it imminent? Did the 11.3 mean Election Day? (We subsequently learned it didn’t).

Remember, this Q message was dropped almost four years ago. How did Q know this was going to come to pass three-plus years hence? (“Future proves past” and “Watch the news” were written 24 times throughout Q’s drops). How was Q able to predict this and many, many other events that came to pass? It went beyond mathematical possibility. It was mathematically improbable that so many of Q’s messages would be proven to be accurate. In fact, anons have kept an archived count of all Q’s “proofs” which can be found here.

So how did the Q team so accurately predict the future? Perhaps one day we’ll know for sure, but many anons suspect it is the result of calculations done by the fastest supercomputer known to man — a military grade computer (of which we are told only eight are in existence) that maps out the plan, ALL eventualities, and anticipates ALL resulting actions/options the enemy might take. They’ve nicknamed it “Project Looking Glass.” And it is absolutely brilliant.

So that leads us to the bottom-line message that Scavino was telling us today. And here it is. And when what is written below comes to pass, let not your heart be troubled. The BEST is yet to come!

So now you know. In Q’s 64th post (below), dropped on Nov. 2, 2017, he told us the end of the story. We didn’t know it then, but much was being “telegraphed” to prepare us of what was to come. As a result, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Details are left to others to figure out. But all those jumping beans and pearl clutchers who are beside themselves with fear and impatience did not and do not understand the marvelous communication strategy that Q Team has used to prepare us, what to expect, to allay our fears – and to know that no matter what, Trump and his team have this.

Read the message below — it is important that you understand it. You will be among the band of anons who DO understand and whose patriotic role is/will be to provide protection and comfort to those around you who don’t have the benefit of what you have learned.

Still don’t believe? Need Proof? Read this message below, written in 2017.

The last communication from Q was on Dec. 8, 2020. In all likelihood, Q has gone for good. His work is done. But Dan Scavino is still “talking” to us, and we’re paying close attention.

Oh, and P.S. — Read the Scriptures that Mike Pompeo tweets every Sunday (and sometimes more often). Note the Scripture number… 😉🇺🇸❤️