“Many Americans are skeptical of the new COVID-19 vaccines that were rushed to market and they’re choosing not to get the shot.

Many are worried the vaccine may become mandatory at some point. A new bill in the South Carolina House of Representatives would ban mandatory vaccination and prevent employers from firing workers who don’t get vaccinated.

Four state representatives authored a bill aiming to allow South Carolinians to opt out of any mandatory vaccinations for infectious or contagious diseases and not be discriminated against for not getting the vaccines. The bill is sponsored by Representatives Steven Long of Spartanburg, Leola Robinson of Greenville, Mike Burns of Greenville, and Sandy McGarry of Lancaster.

If passed, the bill would allow people to avoid any mandatory vaccinations without being “denied any right or privilege of citizenship” and prevent employers from firing, demoting, suspending, or reassigning any workers who opt out of vaccines.”

More: https://2020conservative.com/one-state-making-move-to-ban-mandatory-vaccines-3/