Those who are reading him, and there are several thousand of us, feel a connection with this southern Atticus Finch that draws us into his pathos.

Lin Wood’s message to all tonight includes a bit of apology, but with humor and a wink. He knows we love him and we fervently pray for him. Especially the ladies who offer copious amounts of tea and sympathy.


Thanks for putting up with me today. You may have felt at times like you needed a raincoat and umbrella as there a downpour of truth! I love TRUTH.

I have always tried to be a good role model as a trial lawyer. I wanted young lawyers to learn from me and love the law the way that I have loved it for over 43 years. I wanted them to always put the client first, well ahead of money or fame. I wanted them to focus on working hard for truth and justice, not for wins or loses. If you pursue truth to achieve justice, you will not win them all, but your wins will always far outnumber your losses.

I have always wanted to represent clients whom I felt were good people. I was not perfect in my choice of clients but I love way more of them than the very few I dislike. But I was loyal even to the few I disliked.

For many years, I have lamented the state of the legal profession. At first slowly and with the passage of time much quicker, the legal profession has become a business. Where winning at all cost, making as much money as you can, and avoiding the controversial client has become the norm.

The legal profession has lost its noble purpose. I am not sure it presently merits being described as a profession. The desire for fame and fortune has overwhelmed the desire to help the person who is counting on the law to make things right.

A few more thoughts on this subject to follow.


In my practice before I represented Richard Jewell in 1996, I had some really great clients. A meat cutter. Parents who had lost a child. Children who had lost a parent. I cared deeply for them. I wanted to make right what had gone wrong in those lives. There were so many. I actually think I remember almost every client. They were my clients. They also became my friends.

They were not “high profile” clients or cases that would make headlines or get the lawyer on television. But they were all high profile people to me.

In 1996, Richard Jewell changed my life. As a lawyer and a person.

Stay with me if you will.

Richard Jewell was a hero. He out his life at risk to save many when a bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park in July of 1996.

He was my first “high profile” client. He became my dear friend over the course of the years until his untimely death at age 44 in August of 2007. I continued to “stand in his shoes” after his death for several years as I refused to stop fighting for justice for Richard.

Let me hasten to make my point.

After he was falsely accused by the FBI and the worldwide media of being the bomber (just 3 days after the bombing), the world turned against Richard. He went from being admired to being scorned. He went from being called a hero to being called a bomber – a killer. It was ALL a lie.

My children were insulted at school, “Your Dad represents the fat bomber. Your Dad represents a killer. Your Dad represents a terrorist.” I know it was not easy for my children. But I made sure they spent time with Richard and they came to love him as I loved him.

I received death threats, including threats to bomb my house. When I went on television to fight for Richard, I was treated with disdain. FBI agents followed our every move and circled my office constantly every day.

You don’t forget such times. I have never forgotten any of it. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Just a little more, if you don’t mind.

My point is that I am afraid that if the bombing occurred today, no lawyer would step up and take the risk and suffer the controversy for fighting for the unpopular client or unpopular cause. Richard did not have any money. He did not need a politically connected lawyer or a high powered lawyer. Richard needed a friend who knew the law, believed in him, and who would loyally fight for him.

Who would represent Richard today?

Would the lawyer be shunned by his colleagues? Would he be called crazy? Would the State Bar and other bars try to revoke his license to practice law? Would the media viciously attack him? Would strangers go on social media and insult, mock, and belittle him? Would his life be threatened and his family put at risk?

Who would stand up for Richard Jewell today to fight for truth and justice?

I would. I would do it all over again. In fact, based on the way I have been treated and attacked in recent months, it feels like I am back in 1996 again only amplified by social media and the continued deterioration of civility.

Just a couple more thoughts.

I support Donald Trump. I believe President Trump is doing God’s will for our country. I told him that feeling when I met with him in March of last year.

I support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I stand for honest elections.

I stand for our system of law which allows one to petition a court for redress of grievances without threat of penalty.

I stand against child sex trafficking and pedophilia.

I stand against corruption in government.

And for my efforts, I am under attack like I was when I fought for Richard Jewell, only worse.

And most of the false attacks and threats to punish me have come from lawyers. See what I mean about my concern for the legal profession.

And I will candidly tell you that the lawyers who are attacking are not worthy of carrying my briefcase.

I know and love that you worry about me and how I stand up against all the attacks. Is it fun? No. But I do find a fair amount of humor in the foolishness of many of the efforts to destroy me. They will not be succeed.

I am fine. This is not my first rodeo. Thank you, Richard Jewell. You taught me well. I am not intimidated by the enemy, the FBI, the CIA, the CCP, the globalist billionaires, the politicians, or the propagandist mainstream and social media. I am fearless. Thank you, Jesus Christ. You taught me well.

Now my goal is to be remembered not so much as a man of the law, but as a man of God. I want to be a good role model for my fellow citizens who I know are hurting during these extraordinary times and are looking for help and hope.

I will keep speaking truth. I will never give up. I want my children and grandchildren and yours to always breathe the fresh air of liberty.

I am only one man. But as JFK said, one man can make a difference and every man must try.

Thanks for listening.

God bless you. – Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Final Friday thoughts to follow.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

  • Psalms 23:4-5


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