You cannot be so powerful if not connected to the Clinton Machine and you cannot be so corrupt if not picked up by John Podesta’s gang.” Folks, THIS is quite a story.

“Clinton’s campaign paid Perkins Coie $5.6 million. The Podesta lawyer Elias is the owner of Perkins Coie who paid Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steel who made the dossier that Comey used to get a warrant to spy on Trump. A witch hunt that led to Special Counsel Mueller’s million dollars investigation and 3 years of Trump-bashing and agitating news titles and our never-ending mental friction.

It was not a single night since the election, that I constantly do not ask myself what happened to Georgia. How could we not notice the deep swamp in Georgia? A red state with a governor that I worked my fingers to the bone to get him elected. We were never so sure about anyone as we were about Brian Kemp. I held a campaign on Twitter and endorsed him anywhere I could and now I had my consciousness weighing on me. However, what could I do? It was him against Abrams and the choice could be one of them. Incumbent Stacey Abrams was so corrupt, belligerent, and rude but had all the Planned Parenthood’s money behind her while Valleri Jarret had her strings.”


There’s more. LOTS more. Here.

Before you go, an excerpt:

About two weeks ago, I found a WikiLeaks email where Hillary Clinton was in a desperate search for some goon candidates to erect in Georgia. She was carefully reading biographies on Emily’s List. Emily’s List as I explained in RING OF THE CABAL, is a 100 percent Soros organization for progressive women which selects, trains, and supplies Congresswomen, Senators, and Governors. 80 percent of these women WIN elections because they are very well funded and backed by the powerful swamp. The main condition for them to enter Emily’s List is to be pro-abortion. In that case upon entrance, they receive $100,000. This is just the entrance gift. More money will be poured in if they show character and be super aggressive. Elizabeth Warren, Dianne Feinstein, Mazie Hirono, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar directly From EMILY’s List, and “Kamala Harris” who has been endorsed by this organization. Of course, Kamala had other “endorsers” that we know very well.

A Call For Attorney Lin Wood: Very Dangerous People Are Behind Georgia’s Corruption


Crimes of former VP Mike Pence, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, DOJ Rosenstein & others are revealed in Atty. Lin Wood’s official whistleblower transcript available at this link.