Being a user of TELEGRAM feels like home. Like family.

SO much better than the sewage emanating at Twitter.

So refreshing to be done with the incessant threats from Zuck-the-Suck and his AI bots at Facebook.

Granted, TELEGRAM is where most of the Trump/MAGA faithful have congregated, and I am with like-minded. But you know what? It’s darned nice for a change. I think I’ll stay there a while. Maybe a long while.

I like some of the tech features — I am a visual person and I like to include interesting images to attract your attention and please your visual sense at the same time. TELEGRAM makes downloading vids, gifs, pdf files, and images so very easy — one click and it’s downloaded to my laptop. Easy peasy.

I’ve gotten to know many of the people, the patriots, who “people” the platform, and after a few weeks of hanging out and reading their offerings, I’m selectively deciding who I’ll keep on my feed. It’s easy enough to join a channel and to leave it.

There are lots more features that I haven’t yet explored, but for now, the functions I’m using suit my purpose and give me plenty to bring back here to tell you about.

OK, that’s all I wanted to say. Well… maybe one more thing — my favorite news channels are GEORGE NEWS and BREAKING 911. My favorite personality on TELEGRAM these days – can you guess?


Crimes of former VP Mike Pence, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, DOJ Rosenstein & others are revealed in Atty. Lin Wood’s official whistleblower transcript available at this link.