One more from Lin Wood, and then I’m calling it a day.

My investigators (working with the help of your kind and generous donations) are “following the money.” They are uncovering links BETWEEN State Bar of Georgia/Mercer Law School/Cathy Cox, Lawyers Club of Atlanta AND George Soros/Black Lives Matter/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/Rothschild Family Members/King & Spalding/Diebold Voting Machines/Dominion Voting Machines.

It’s A Small Small World, isn’t it!

The incestuous financial relationships between these organizations and many of their members are insidious and I intend to publicly shine light on their dark web of influence.

This information, and much more being developed by my legal and investigative team, will establish that their false accusations against me and their efforts to revoke my law license are politically motivated and intentionally undertaken as part of their financial, anti-American, and anti-Trump agendas.

They wrongfully came after me. Now I am lawfully going after them. The hunted is now the hunter.

Thank you for your incredible support and prayers. I have just begun to fight back.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Crimes of former VP Mike Pence, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, DOJ Rosenstein & others are revealed in Atty. Lin Wood’s official whistleblower transcript available at this link.