It wasn’t the only time. They know, they always know. Trumps shine a spotlight on Diana. Why?

Prince Charles wasn’t taking Harry’s calls? Hmmm.. Interesting.

Sandringham. That’s where Prince Phillip’s truffles were grown. That’s where Prince Andrew invited Maxwell and Epstein.

Truffles grow well near walnut trees. Ask R. Chandler or Prince Phillip. (Walnut = Pedophile name for little brown boys)

Rachel Chandler — Alison Mack x 100


I have an idea. Does this help?

If you were raised in a murdering pedo cult family and wanted out. Where would you go? Who would you turn to? Who could give you the best cover?

Fascinating development.

Liveshot out of Buckingham Palace of the Royals watching #OprahMeghanHarry right now.

Popcorn anyone?