Insulin prices are up huge.
Biden froze an executive order signed by Trump that was aimed at lowering the cost of insulin and injectable epinephrine.

Some of the comments responding to the above:

“Every month I hold my breathe going to pick up my prescription- I knew it was coming! Our cost went from $598 to $200 under President Trump.”

“My 15 year old is a type ONE diabetic. That means his pancreas STOPPED making insulin. There is NO CURE. It’s an autoimmune disease. Nothing can prevent it. He MUST have insulin or he will DIE!!! No thanks to that BLANK BLANK BLANK EVIL DEMON it’s now around $200 or so for ONE vile. He uses 5 a month!! They only last one month. So thanks to the DEMONCRATS that’s $1000 a month just for insulin. We still have to buy test strips and such. Something has got to be done.”

“Yep, paid $45 January 3, and have now paid $1500 for February and March. That’s a 1567% increase!! This is for 30 days to keep my teenage son alive, I don’t have a choice to decide if I can wait to pick it up. It’s their LIFE SUPPORT! What a piece of trash president along with a DEMONcrats!”

“I work for the worlds largest insulin producer. The real problem is something called a “pbm.” They are the middle man in the process and control 90% of ALL pharmaceuticals. Long before all this it’d been explained to me that when there’s a large entity soaking up money and not doing anything who do you think is behind it, politicians. As a Trump supporter that had stayed in my mind after he became president “well if Trump is really for the people can’t he do something about this?” And it took a little while but he did. Only to have it reverted. I’d like to think this could wake people up but unfortunately, it’s not common knowledge and nobody knows about it.”

“Call your insurance company. They may offer a program where you can get it for free or at reduced prices. I have Anthem (BCBS) through my employer and I get my Metformin and Diabetes supplies for free. All I have to do is talk to a counselor once a month on the phone. My Mama has United Healthcare. Her insurance offers the same program. She is on Insulin and Metformin. Her insulin is only costing her $50 a month and Metformin is free, but she has to talk to the counselor once a month. The insurance company doesn’t come out and just tell you about these programs. You have to ask.”

“Sure, take that free vaccine that could kill you; for a virus with a 99% survival rate. While Buyden’s actions are denying insulin and epinephrine to Americans that they depend on to save their lives”