Today’s headlines:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘We Are Under a Communist Revolution’

Congresswoman Greene gives dire warning and urges support after Democrats and Big Tech move to silence her.

Bannon: Biden China Meeting ‘An Embarrassment,’ CCP Knows ‘They’re Compromised’

Stephen K. Bannon sounds off on the humiliating performance by messenger boy Jake Sullivan and compromised clerk Tony Blinken. 

‘I Don’t Call Them Democrats Anymore’: Rep. Mo Brooks Rips ‘Socialists’ on Capitol Hill

Rep. Mo Brooks explains the threat the new socialists in the Democrat Party pose, and how H.R. 1 will turn America into the Soviet Union.

Biden Meeting Proves China Thinks Biden is ‘Exceptionally Weak’

Michael Anton reacts to the Alaska meeting and explains how America’s elites played into China’s hands. 

How Fog City Midge Became a Public Elected Official

Maggie Vandenberghe put the Precinct Project into action, and it was surprisingly easy.

Show Notes: 

Episode 809 – The Road to 2022

War Room’s road to 2022 starts now, the Mendoza line for politics, and nothing is certain.

Episode 810 – The Clerk and the Messenger

Provocative weakness, the socialists on Capitol Hill, and an inflection point with China.

Episode 811 – Get Back to the Post

The Notorious MTG, saving the nation, and Fog City Midge runs for office.