One of our readers left this comment on a recent post. I think we can all benefit from her advice and suggestions.


With Kamala Harris deciding vote power, we are very close to losing the FREEDOM OF RELIGION, as well as the STATUS of our NATURAL BORN SEX definition. The Equality Act is moving forward and because we are one vote short of majority KAMALA HARRIS casting the deciding vote, unless we can pressure DEMS to NOT VOTE FOR THIS ACT, we have lost a major battle.


The RELIGION part of this means Churches have no right to convene, citizens have no rights to meet… ? lots of serious changes here. Very Dangerous. BIDEN has launched a drone attack on Syria just inside the Iran border. We could be at war any time now.

JOHN DURHAM has stepped down. What does this mean for us? He may still be a Federal Prosecutor? Thanks for any information about this serious development.

PRAY for GENERAL FLYNN, PRESIDENT TRUMP, JOHN DURHAM, and our MILITARY, make preparations for the possibility of being shut down for awhile, as far as supplies, gasoline, and access to internet service. Please check on any elderly neighbors you have, whether you know them or not, if anything like this occurs.

I am changing my bill paying status of Utility bills away from Auto Debit to PAPER bills sent to me via USPS mail. I will send a paper check for the amount of the bill. We may be without internet for awhile, removing the ability to check on accounts, so be prepared. I am hopeful that receiving the current Biden administration ‘check’ will not mean the powers that be will be able to access our banking information, but this is a possibility.

NOTE: I am not saying this is necessary, so think through your own situation. I know bank fees are climbing and also companies do make billing errors from time to time, that must be corrected within 30 days. For me, making any necessary adjustments to an error on a Paper Bill will be easier. If you are concerned about not having phone service, check out, a suggestion of a very good conservative business advertised by Roman Balmakov, of the FACTS MATTER division of The Epoch Times. About $40 per month for the Satellite phone.

My phone and internet service is poor in Georgia, so I may subscribe to this service.

I am just being cautious- having lived what feels like 175 years, I have learned to Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst.
In spite of all of the upside down business at hand, Have a Peaceful and Blessed weekend! We Will Get Through This, with God’s help and comfort!