When Q dropped clues, it was with the understanding that “we are the media now,” because the Fake News has been hiding the truth for years and years.

So Q followers were urged, encouraged to pursue the truth on their own, using the clues Q was dropping.

What you’re seeing today with the anon dig going on about the grounded cargo container ship blocking the Suez canal is typical of the doubling down of these “amateur” sleuths, made up of people from all walks of life and professions, trades people who know their stuff, who operate within their lanes to bring information and expertise to the investigation.

Thus, the anons are able to piece together the BIG picture that the Fake News initially ignored, and then when it got too big, tried to discredit Q and the anons who were riding roughshod on the media’s “reports.”

So, today we are following the investigation of this grounded shipping container — the largest in the world — it’s bulbous bow buried into the shore of the Suez Canal, blocking traffic in the world’s busiest commercial waterway. The impact of this blocking will cost billions in delayed shipping.

Here are the links to the two posts I’ve done thus far about the anons’ investigation, led by MelQ, an avid Q follower and researcher. If you have any curiosity at all about how the Q communications works, coupled with those who take the clues and RUN with them, read those posts. Post #1 and Post #2

I’ll be following this “dig” and posting about it here.

This is the most recent “nugget” coming out of the anons’ investigation. More to come.

MelQ: “Another clue. Also mentions new social media plan. h/t ratfinks”

There are lots of theories surrounding the ship getting stuck. Nukes, kids, food supply block, financial collapse, etc.
Please remember these are just theories. Just like the dates, don’t get caught up in theories.

Q Post #3038

Relevant part outlined and underlined in red:

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MelQ: Let’s dig a little more on this one. Are there Internet cables underneath the ship currently? If those were to be cut what would the impact be worldwide? If any.

Another interesting coincidence for tomorrow’s 2 year delta.