“Well guys, hold your horses. If there are children in it or not is one thing. Let’s just hope it’s not the case.

The alleged “accident” of the Evergreen in the Suez Canal is intended to paralyze Europe’s supply chain. This means that no crude oil, supplies for the economy and food will reach Europe. Meanwhile, more than 100 ships are stuck in the Suez Canal and cannot get through.

Planned action? In the next weeks we will feel the effects, because it hits many companies, which need supply parts to keep up their production. It will also be seen in the oil prices shortly. This is how prices can skyrocket. As soon as the production and supply chains are interrupted, companies have to shut down their assembly lines and that would be fatal. Once they come to a standstill, it will take weeks or even months until they can start again. That would be a disaster in this overall situation and would bring everything to a standstill. As bad as that sounds, that’s what it will come down to. Unfortunately, that’s what has to happen to bring down the old system. The question is, who is behind this “accident”. White or black hats?” — posted by S.

Overnight, MelQ and others (“Qanons” as the fake news calls them) have been monitoring the situation in the Suez Canal.

But let’s get caught up on what our super sleuths have reported thus far. First, if you’re new to the story, read the background here, here and here.

OVERNIGHT: Gleaning through any and every mention of the word “Evergreen” has raked up several mentions – none of which appear to be a connection to the Evergreen container ship blocking the Suez Canal channel.

Interestingly though, Disclose TV online tweeted this update:

MelQ writes, “DO IT!!! Remove the containers!”

Authorities now want to free the giant container ship by a combination of removing containers, oil and water, multiple tug boats and dredging of sand. It will take days or even weeks.

Someone tweeted, “Everything feels like it’s all designed to happen. Block the suez, part of the great reset. How often does this happen? What are the odds on it happening right now when we want to take charge of everything? It’s too convenient to be a coincidence surely?!”


Another comment: “Definitely isn’t going to help with worldwide shipping times. If it’s projected to take weeks, people will start shipping the other direction, further clogging up choke points. Wheels aren’t falling off the wagon just yet, but they sure seem rickety.”

Word is spreading – MelQ deservedly boasts:

“Got another shout out from Dave at X22 for my Evergreen thread and collecting posts from some great anons like @juliansrumchannel and @redpillpharmacist
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“Check out the comms in this article…”

Related shipping co…

Evergreen Ship Loses 36 Containers Off Japan – gCaptain
An Evergreen Marine containership lost 36 containers over the side after the vessel encountered severe weather off the coast of Japan last week. The container loss incident took place on…

Ever Liberal’s callsign, is 2HDG2. Thoughts?

Suez Canal clearance could take ‘weeks’
Prolonged shutdown of trade route risks severe disruption to supply chains



Still blocked. The delta rings true.

MelQ 🐸 points to a Q message dropped on March 25, 2019, exactly two years ago to the day.
“Another interesting coincidence for tomorrow’s 2 year delta.”


A VERY interesting question is posed… “pleasure crafts?” Are they there to offload certain “cargo?” What might they be unloading?

Why would there be “Pleasure crafts” parked at the “Ever Given”??? ~Anon

“Some MSM reporting ship is moved. We clearly see that it has not using vessel-finder which shows current positions.

Why do they want to change the narrative? Why do they want this story to die?

Bigger than you can imagine?”

“Not sure it’s today, but soon. Love this meme!” – MelQ

What’s the speculation for contents of containers? Speculation of human trafficking, club-k nukes, other illicit things.

Children being trafficked. Kids as shields around nuclear weapons?

Do you think they are going to allow them to be searched?

It should happen soon 46 000 containers a nightmare in the making if not moved soon!!!

This is like winding one of those Jack in the box toys, tension and suspense is building.

Think logistics. Every Container has an identification number for tracking. The Manifest for that container has to list the contents that are Bar Coded or have a unique number (for tracking). A container with illegal contents doesn’t follow the same regulations. The ships log has to have a list of all the container ID numbers. The number of containers has to be the same as the number on the log. Certain items don’t get tracked, such as Art For Embassy, and there are probably other Diplomatic items. Those are the containers that should be opened. I have read somewhere that containers used for human trafficking ate sound proof. However, there has to be ventilation.”

A German private banker friend of mine, doesn’t have my dark approach to the situation. When I asked him how he assesses the situation he replied the following: “12% of the world trade volume passes through Suez per year. Now calculate 5 days of standstill. Has almost no effect. Then one makes halt, like Audi in Germany, because of the missing chips, implement short-time work and production continues after that. It was the same last year because of Corona. Q1 and Q2 were unbelievably bad. Q3 and Q4 sensational and that worldwide.” Let’s hoe he’s right. And let’s hope, as you say, that there’s a “good” that comes out of this.”

Suez Canal connects Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The Red Sea was parted by God for the deliverance of slaved Israelites. Coincidence? Let’s pray for safety and the truth to be revealed!
On another point, wasn’t informed initially that the Evergreen had the Panama’s flag. Do not understand why a Taiwanese company have another country’s flag. If is a maritime thing please enlight me.”

They constantly move port home and ownership. The one part that always remains the same is the ISO# identifier of the ship. They also must paint the ISO number so it is on a horizontal surface readable from the sky.”