Death From COVID-19 Vaccine Will Not Affect Life Insurance Pay Out

But it’s still uncertain how health complications from the vaccine impacts premiums for future consumers

3 Fully Vaccinated Hawaii Residents Test Positive for COVID-19

All three patients had received both doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, reported KITV4. They all experienced mild symptoms and did not appear to spread the disease to others, the DOH told the news station.

White House Confirms Biden Will Sign Executive Order on Gun Control

President Joe Biden will sign executive orders on gun control in the near future, confirmed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday.

Biden: DOJ ‘Taking a Look’ at Georgia’s Newly Enacted Election Reform Law

The Biden administration is looking at options to reverse or counter a newly enacted voting law in Georgia that brings in a sweeping number of election reforms to the state.

Bossche explains that vaccines do work on an individual level, but in the aggregate create enormous risks due to “immune escape”

As a vaccine advocate, Bossche believes that vaccines do work on an individual level and can create immunity against the intended pathogen. However, in the aggregate, mass vaccinations of large populations during a pandemic results in a phenomenon known as “immune escape,” meaning the virus develops variants which are immune to the available vaccines. This natural selection adaptation of the virus results in an even more dangerous spectrum of virus strains escaping the bodies of hosts and being reintroduced into the wild, now more dangerous than the original pathogen the vaccines were designed to halt.

In his presentation, Bossche warns that covid-vaccines, “cannot control replication of more infectious CoV variants and may even
drive immune escape.”

He explains that “innate immunity” is crucial in halting the cycle of mutations and infections that drive the “three distinct waves” of pandemic disease. Yet innate immunity — the natural immunity expressed by people without vaccines — is given no recognition whatsoever by the vaccine-crazed medical establishment and global political institutions now pushing for global mass vaccinations.