“We are in World War III,” the General said in an interview this morning. “We did not have a pandemic a year ago. We had a biological attack on the whole world. It was intentional, done by the CCP.”

This war has been long planned, but the first big step the Chinese Communist Party took, according to General McInerney, was the release of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

“This morning I’ve got absolute evidence that it came from the Wuhan Lab and it took down the whole global economy, without a doubt,” he said. “We should not have taken it down, but that’s another story we can get into.”

It wasn’t just for the sake of destroying the economy. The CCP was targeting the 2020 U.S. elections because President Trump was the only person standing in their way. With Joe Biden in the Oval Office currently, their plans can proceed unimpeded.

“This massive biological attack is then utilized during the election, so we have fraudulently elected an unconstitutional president,” he said. “I do not call him ‘President Biden’ because he was unconstitutionally elected.”

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