“The wave is building, the tide is rising.

Steady as she goes. Stand tall. Strengthen your faith.

We are on the victory side. Patience. Wait on the Lord.”


Wow! This game of politics is rough! It’s like a boxing match!

I have only been an official candidate for the Chair of the South Carolina Republican Party for 2 days and the enemy is pulling out all stops to throw punches.

The propaganda media (think Operation Mockingbird) is hitting me with a left-right jab combination with false, misleading, and misrepresentative articles about me and #FightBack, the 501(c)(4) foundation of which I serve as CEO.

What will I do???

I did take boxing lessons a few years ago for about a year. Let me take a moment to think back to those days . . .

I got it! I will throw a solid right hook for a knockout!

See the #FightBack press release below.

P.S. I guess the enemy’s intelligence network did not pick up on the fact that I know how to box . . .