Wondering why this is popping up on MelQ’s TELEGRAM channel today. Nevertheless, I thought you might be interested in seeing the thread.

For the new folks. Q always refers to McCain as “no name” in the drops because he was a traitor to our country. They didn’t even want to see his name. – MelQ

The first screenshot is fuzzy but the others are more viewable – Thanks @PhilZantos (NOTE: Zantos’ channel is private, so I couldn’t access his original screenshot of the poster below. I’m guessing it was created by The Epoch Times, but not certain of that. – ASK)
Try viewing them on a desktop if you can’t see them.

“It’s been 24 hours since John McCain has been put to death”
From 2018

my father you can’t kill him again but whatever”~Meghan McCain
From 2018/19

“I originally heard it from some friends in the military, years ago. Just read it, again, this morning in one of my “daily reads”. The process has been if found guilty of Treason, they give you opportunity to die with your reputation intact, for your family’s sake. But you must give up secrets and sources, intel, some are needed to play a role, publicly for a purpose, then option of means of death is given. (Hanging, Injection, suicide, etc.) If you cross them, offers removed and immediate execution is given…” — Comment