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Suu Kyi faces new charge under Myanmar’s secrets act; wireless internet suspended
Myanmar’s deposed leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been charged with breaking a colonial-era official secrets law, her lawyer said on Thursday, the most serious charge against the veteran opponent of military rule.

Chinese Troops Gather on Myanmar’s Border to ‘Protect Pipelines’
Several sources have reported growing numbers of Chinese troops on the other side of the Shan State border.

MaQaveli posts:

Okay… So my research is paying off… 🧐
The Asia Foundation…

Created by the CIA as a front for a non-profit company to perform psy-op in predominantly Asian Countries. 🤔

Guess what just happened in Myanmar… A military coup based on Election Fraud. The Leaders of the winning Myanmar party were arrested… ALSO, as Sec of Def, Mike Pompeo announced on Twitter, they would be paying close attention to the Myanmar Election…

My personal thoughts is that Myanmar mirrors the 2020 US Election Fraud.
Myanmar = ‘Mirror’-mar
(nickname I came up with to relate the two Corrupt Elections)

Now, if the DoD was monitoring Myanmar Elections and coincidentally the US Space Force intercepted a signal to reset the algorithms during the US Election. Catching this signal made Space Force an official Intelligence Agency.
So what happened?
During his administration, Obama approved a multimillion dollar gov contract before leaving office. This contract allowed a Private US contractor to gain access to secret IT tech, and using the Italian government, accessed the Leonardo SPa Satellite owned by the Vatican Church to reset 2020 Us Election Voting algorithms.

Coincidentally, in 2017, Q told us to “happy hunt” THE ASIA FOUNDATION with a CIA ‘Stringer.” So I am a seeing some serious evidence that a Shadow government across the world seems to be rigging all the Election processes. One Prime example, the ASIA FOUNDATION

👆Nice dig! Thanks for the 🍝 claim & 🥫supporting info @MQaveli


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