While America Sleeps 
By Theodore Wilson
April 1, 2021 

Have you ever had the feeling of impending doom? Information that falls through the cracks of censorship that stimulates a little anxiety. While we watched our cities burn during the summer of 2020, the arsonists were consoled. When the November election results appeared to be rigged, suddenly we felt very insecure. Joe Biden abolished border restrictions and immigration began to resemble the Woodstock Concert. Foreign countries have laughed at us.  

While most of America sleeps, we have a vigorous contest going on to determine the fate of the United States.  

Many people seem to think that “things will work themselves out.” The reality of today’s political scene is two groups fighting for supremacy to determine whether America will become a communist country or remain a free republican form of government. 

The seeds of this war were ignited in elite American universities, in books and teachings of agnostic professors who laid out the concepts of the critical race theory, systemic prejudice, stem culture, affinity groups, socialism, and identity politic doctrines creating sparks that ignited a revolutionary fire.  

We now have a coalition of marginalized groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Climate Change Coalition, the American Communist Party, and they have partnered with a handful of billionaires who are members of the Global Elite that we refer to as the Deep State.  The marginalized believe only they understand justice and know who deserves “what.” They believe they are intellectually superior because they understand the white superstructure, the nature of privilege, and they view the system that America was founded on as racist, unjust, and evil. All whites who define the oppressive group can only sympathize, and will never understand their needs. 

This coalition mirrors the army formed in China when Mao, the communist. and Chaing Kai-Shek, traditional Chinese, that united to fight the Japanese. After WWII ended, they split and fought for control of the Chinese Government.  

The marginalized are Black and the Deep State White. They bonded over the same objective, a new world order under a one-party system, and have accomplished their first goal, control of the Chafing Democratic Party and the Federal government. Those two groups will split after they defeat the advocates of freedom, and fight to determine the permanent champion. 

To defeat the advocates of freedom, the coalition must achieve the next two goals simultaneously: total control over the people and dissolution of the U.S. Constitution. They are succeeding, but it must be accomplished before the midterm elections of 2022, or they will lose the revolution at the voting polls. 

In the end, the marginalized and the deep state will separate and go to war to determine the final winner of the United States. This new government will have to face off against the Chinese Communist Party, although the American Communist Party has already pledged their allegiance to them. 

Control over the people consists of forbidding freedom of speech and destruction of open elections. H.R.-1 will give the Democratic Party permanent control over election results and this bill breezed through the Democratic House of Representatives and edges toward reality. 

What will censorship accomplish? In dictatorship allow only one truth and one law, no discussion, because dictators suppress thoughts and speech. Your mind belongs to the government, and it constitutes what is good. To accomplish this, culture must be canceled along with traditional values, and the history of the past.  

Since the Deep State has the ability to control everything you see and hear, they can do what the constitution does not allow Congress: censorship, restricted access to information, and the elimination of rational opposition through misinformation, as well as cancel culture.  

We watched the media chastise, humiliate, mock, and ridicule Donald Trump from the moment he took the oath of office. They suppressed discussion of the election fraud, labeled Trump supporters as terrorists, and have carefully avoided any positive information supportive of conservative politicians.  

My dear friend, Andrew Jennings, once told me that nearly half of all the international investigative reporters were assassinated. That was 1996, just four years after he published The New Lords of the Rings that exposed the corruption of the International Olympic Committee. It was an era when journalists believed that they could dramatically improve the world by exposing evil and corruption through the craft of writing. He dedicated that book to Dimitri Krikoriants, a writer who was gunned down on his mother’s doorstep. 

A long list of famous writers in the United States have similar records. They exposed in clear graphic terms the evils they found in politics and the business world. Thomas Nast exposed the Democratic Political Machine of New York, Ida M. Tarbell revealed the monopoly of Standard Oil, Upton Sinclair described the unsanitary practices of meatpacking plants, just a few of a long list of writers who were dedicated to making the world better.  

A multitude of journalists labored tirelessly to publish articles in magazines, newspapers, and periodicals based on truth, honesty, and integrity. Their work provided credibility and respect to the craft of journalism.   

Gradually the media grew, first radio, then television, now the Internet. They entertained the world, expanded our knowledge, and brought people closer together. But then, the accumulation of massive wealth gradually ate away the good character of the media. A handful of people bought everything, from the small businesses to the major companies, and this small elite group became a powerful force. 

The Deep State destroyed the craft of journalism. They now control what you are exposed to, what you will see, how you will understand it, and what you will not be allowed to know. Truth, honesty, and integrity have now become forbidden because your mind belongs to them.  

Most journalists no longer practice the crafts of their professional. The controlling stockholders and CEOs, the dark forces underground, manipulate journalists and commentators that have become intellectual whores who sold their talents to meet the needs of a handful of billionaires in control mainstream media.  

Rachel Maddow, award-winning MSNBC nightly news television host, currently campaigns for signatures on a petition, and requests donations to the Committee to Stop Republicans that want Donald Trump imprisoned for his crimes. The Democrats in Congress, led by Rep. Mike Doyle, are pushing for Facebook, Google, and Twitter to increase their censorship. They need Trump gone, and conservatives permanently silenced. 

Democratic leaders in Congress formally launched a war against the majority of the middle class when they submitted a 28-page document to the Biden-Harris Administration demanding a crackdown of Conservative Christians. It included the removal of all Christians from public office and the re-education of Trump voters. At the Democratic National Convention, they omitted “God” from the pledge of allegiance. Christianity, as they see it, must be abolished. 

Black Lives Matter leader, Shaun King, called for the destruction of churches and all artwork of Jesus, and he shouted, “They are the symbol of ‘White Supremacy’.” Catholic Churches have been burnt, many have been vandalized across the country, and church services disrupted by leftist mobs. The mayor of Huston, TX, launched a campaign against Christians and issued subpoenas to every Catholic priest demanding copies of their sermons.

In a United States Marine manual, the military has classified Catholics and Evangelical Christians as religious extremists along with the KKK, Al-Qaeda, and Hamas who use or advocate violence to accomplish their objectives. They are in good company. The Department of Defense included veterans of the Armed Forces because of their involvement in the January 6 Insurrection. 

The Democratic Party’s war on Christians has been suppressed by the Deep State Media. Why? How many Christians would vote for a Democratic candidate if they knew this, and how many White voters would advocate for Black Lives Matter by putting signs in their yard? 

Surprised that the media has ignored the Uyghur Holocaust in China? Thousands of Chines Islamic followers were rounded up and stuffed into 280 concentration camps. Why? The Koran contains the Old Testament, identical to Jews and Christians. Once you dehumanize the enemy, it makes it easier to kill them. It happened in Nazi Germany, and now in China. While these people suffer in labor camps and are subjected to beatings and rape, our media has turned its back, it does not want to disrupt the purchase of Chinese products in American stores. 

In other words, the mainstream media no longer reports the truth.  They establish the narrative and what you are allowed to read and discuss. If you are outside the box, you are a heretic and can be punished for your point of view or opinion on the matter.  

The fate of our country depends on the ability to discuss. If we are going to be part of a world that rules, then we must have freedom of speech to work things out. Freedom of the mind allows us to search for the truth, provides openness to the soul, gives us the ability to rationalize, and talk about it.  

While America sleeps, the marginalists are educating your children, gaslighting them to despise themselves and renounce their oppressive identity. They are transforming White culture by altering society’s images in movies, commercials, sitcoms, advertisements, everywhere. They are the heroes; the Whites are the oppressors. 

Either the Constitution survives, or tyranny prevails.  This struggle has already become violent. Kamala Harris praised the riots, arsons, and looting. “They are essential for the evolution of our country,” she said. The marginals have proven they are ready for a full-scale oppressive war. Sleeping Americans need to awaken. Tyranny is when you are dehumanized and control of your thinking process has been taken away. Numbers determine power. Today we are losing, tomorrow we can defeat the Democratic Party Left. 

We fought to free the slaves, won civil rights, and almost every one of our laws protects us from discrimination. Every ethnic group and religion has been elected to local, state, and federal governments as members of both political parties. They intermarry and live in a vast number of neighborhoods in every state. They establish deep friendships and working relationships. We call this group the melting pot. 

Asiatic, Blacks, and Whites who espouse the values of faith, family, and freedom, elements that made America the greatest nation on earth, must join hands and stand up against communism if we want to live in a free country. Those are the stakes. Together as a nation of one people, we can chart a course of optimism and hope.  How this country ends up will be decided by the decision to unite. 

We have at hand, non-violent alternatives that will defeat the Democratic Party Leftist.  Christian Democrats in Congress like Rep. Emanual Cleaver, the Pastor of a Methodist Church in Kansas City, Mo, need to wake up and take a stand against communists who oppose religion. They need to take the lead in opposition against the Chinese holocaust of Islamic and Christian faith. 

Americans who support freedom have the ability to boycott Chinese products and any company that relies on Chinese factories for profit.  We must abandon institutions that practice censorship and support freedom of speech, like Facebook and Twitter, and withdraw from colleges and school districts that seek to cancel culture.