The plastics contain chemicals such as polycyclic hydrocarbons, which can cause DNA damage. Dyes and other additives, some of which have reproductive toxicity, can cause cancer and mutations.”When you wear a mask, tiny microfibers are released, which can cause health problems when inhaled. 

The risk is increased when masks are reused. This hazard was highlighted in a performance study to be published in the June 2021 issue of Journal of Hazardous Materials,” Mercola wrote.

It’s now known that microbes from the mouth, oral commensals, frequently enter the lungs.

Also, the images of plastic trash bobbing in ocean water around the world already are well known. The masks could aggravate that, the report said, because their plastics resist breaking down in the environment, they have “microsized plastic fibers” and are released into the environment faster than other plastics. 

Mercola said “a report by OceansAsia further estimated that 1.56 billion face masks may have entered the world’s oceans in 2020, based on a global production estimate of 52 billion masks manufactured that year, and a loss rate of 3%, which is conservative.” ‘

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