Designed for every human walking the face of the earth, this hijab muzzle is the mask of the future.  Clearly the NWO cabal plans to have us walking around permanently MUZZLED!

This amazing “Smart Mask” muzzle is electronically connected to your phone. Here’s what it will do:

  1. Tells you when to wash it.
  2. Whether you’re wearing it properly
  3. Measures your breathing rate
  4. If too much CO2 has built up inside, tells you to take a few breaths of fresh air
  5. If you forget to put it on it will alert you with a smart sensor linked to your phone
  6. The mask is sustainable (earth friendly), includes biodegradable and recyclable components
  7. Disposable masks have become a major environmental problem – 75% will end up in landfill or ocean
  8. We spent $166 BILLION on them worldwide in 2020
  9. This new muzzle will help “tackle the problem”
  10. Helping the planet “breathe a little easier”
  11. What are your ideas for solving the world’s most pressing problems?