Jesus called Satan “the prince of this world.” (John 12:31).

How, again, are we to quickly dismiss reports of Satan-worshippers being in powerful positions in this world as conspiracies?

Is Jesus a liar?

Or is Satan?

If the bible is true (it is), then it follows that Satan’s influence is global.

If the bible is false (it’s not), then Satan-worship might exist, but it certainly isnt a big deal.

And if the bible is true (it is), and Satan was able to deceive Eve – who lived with the infinite Creator God in the garden – to doubt The Alpha & Omega’s one restriction, then it follows that Satan is capable of deceiving multiple billions of people who choose to suppress evidence of God’s existence.

Now, multiply that capability.

We are in a spiritual war for peoples’ eternal souls.

The key terrain is the mind.

And only the gospel of Jesus Christ can renew a mind & make a person new.


–Jarrin Jackson, TELEGRAM