In typical Navy-speak, former Naval Officer Stephen K. Bannon used that expression during his radio program earlier this week to describe in nautical terms what lies ahead of us. The Storm.

We’re already at sea and the forecast calls for strong winds and heavy swells – heaving waves — that will rock our ship of state.

Listening to this evening’s X22 Report — especially the tail end of it, you’ll recognize that Bannon’s comment is an apt metaphor to describe what our ship of state is sailing into in the days to come. And we’re all aboard whether or not we want to be. WWG1WGA. Where we go one, we go all.

Heavy rolls. A storm-driven sea heaving with swells that will cause the faithless, faint-hearted and squeamish to become more nauseous with every ferocious heave that batters our lifeboat, the USS Constitution.

There might even be times we’ll lose sight of the horizon. But Trump and the Patriots are at the helm, and I have faith we will not only survive the storm, we’ll come out of it a stronger nation.

Have courage…keep fighting, it’s going to happen. We are going to turn it around. I’m with you,” President Trump said today to Americans and the world.

And he promises to punch back ten times harder.

Hoist the sails and throw off the lines. We’re ready Mr. President.