Marjorie Taylor Greene, US Representative, GA, Republican

My statement on the Back The Blue Rally in Columbus, Ohio scheduled for tomorrow, May 1, 2021:

Unfortunately, the Back the Blue Rally in Columbus, Ohio, where we expected thousands of freedom-loving Americans to come out in support of our Law Enforcement Officers, has been postponed. I received a call last night by one of the organizers with information about the rally that I find incredibly disturbing and infuriating. I believe everyone needs to know the truth.

The organizers, who have held other events at the Capitol, paid for and received a permit for the Back the Blue Rally planned for Saturday, May 1st. Less than 48 hours before the event, they received calls from Ohio State Patrol telling them that a large counter “protest” by Black Lives Matter and Antifa was being planned and there would be no security fencing provided for the permitted and paid for rally.

At all their events they have had at the Columbus Capitol in the past, there has been security fencing provided and a counter protest area provided so that everyone’s first amendment rights were met and so that everyone’s security needs were met. However, within less than 48 hours before the event, this time all past security measures were thrown out the window.


The organizers were told that legal counsel for Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board and legal counsel for Ohio State Patrol had met and decided there would be no security fencing allowed to separate the Pro-Police rally attendees and the organized domestic terrorist BLM/Antifa forces after having a conversation with BLM, who told them they would be there, that BLM’s first amendment rights can not be denied.


My security director, who called to organize security for me as a promoted speaker for this event, was also told by the liason for the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board that they would not provide security for me. When he asked if there were any off duty officers we could hire for security, he was told no.

The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board refused to provide security and refused to allow officers to be hired for security for me, a sitting Congresswoman as a speaker at a Pro-Police rally where BLM/Antifa were planning to antagonize rally goers.


No seriously WHY???

Why would innocent lives be put in danger?

Why would attorneys demand that radical violent BLM/Antifa be allowed in a Pro-Police rally after they have burned cities, looted businesses, attacked and killed innocent people like former police Captain David Dorn, attacked Police Officers night after night and day after day, taken over police precincts, attacked federal property and monuments, and wreaked terror and destruction for the past year on cities all across America???

Is it really about BLM’s first amendment rights?

This sounds like these attorneys were demanding the perfect scenario for BLM/Antifa to come in and provoke violence and attack innocent Pro-Police rally attendees and Police Officers so that they would be forced to defend themselves.

This sounds like these attorneys were demanding the perfect scenario for the left and the media to be able to lie and blame any violence on Pro-Police people and Police Officers, when in reality these attorneys were the ones who demanded there be no security fencing in the first place, putting innocent lives in danger by the radicals planning to attack.

This sounds like these apparently woke attorneys support BLM/Antifa violence and call it their first amendment rights.

Let me be perfectly clear.

The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, never supports or defends anyone’s violence as a right. Never.

Violence is NOT protesting and must NOT be tolerated anymore.

Our Constitution supports and defends law and order. That is what our great men and women in law enforcement do. They provide law and order.They are our peace keepers.

The violent thugs and domestic terrorists in BLM/Antifa, which is organized and funded, are not protected by our laws.

As a matter of fact, they must be held accountable for their crimes by our laws.

I will not be used as a tool by the left or the right or the media or anyone or blamed for violence caused by radical domestic terrorists BLM/Antifa in a CLEAR SET UP. This is why I am very proud to be aligned with the organizers of the Back The Blue Rally in Columbus, Ohio and their decision to postpone the rally. We will NOT play into the hands of the enemies within, who want to provoke violence, hurt innocent people, and then use it in political spin to tear me down, our great Police down, and the freedom loving people of this country down.

I took an oath to defend our Constitution. Our Constitution demands law and order. I BACK THE BLUE.

We are going to continue to investigate and expose all of the people involved who made the decisions to set up innocent people that were going to attend the rally, by refusing to provide security fencing and allowing radical violent and dangerous BLM/Antifa terrorists into the peaceful Back The Blue Rally.

The American people’s rights have been violated long enough and I refuse to be silent about this. We are a nation of laws. We are a free people. We will not be intimidated into submission and silence by wokeness, schemes, and never ending violence.

The only way to Save America is by putting Americans FIRST and that is the people. Not the attorneys. Not the funded political organizations. Not the politicians. Not the media. And NOT radical domestic terrorists BLM/Antifa enemies working to tear down our great Republic every single day.