Congratulations, Patriots and Anons, we are the MAINSTREAM media now.

Most of their time is spent reporting about US. 

The fake world is disappearing.” – TheStormHasArrived17, TELEGRAM

NEW – Florida Governor DeSantis is warning Black Lives Matter and Antifa to stay away from the state or face “severe consequences” for those who attend violent protests. @disclosetv


The auditors in AZ are scanning the ballots and looking for bamboo fibers – because ballots were potentially shipped from Southeast Asia aka China sent fraudulent ballots to help the steal. 

Maddow is trying to make a mockery of this because she is absolutely terrified. She is having a really tough time coping with the fact that the world is about to discover there was massive foreign interference in the 2020 election. 

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Now here’s the rest of this gentleman’s statement that was edited out by Maddow and her clowns at MSDNC:


Matt Gaetz talks about the deep state during a rally with Marjorie Taylor Greene today at The Villages in Central Florida.