Lin writes: “While I contemplate my next adventure, I am already planning the next adventure for the State Bar of Georgia Grievance Committee Members and my former office sharing partners, Nicole J. Wade, Jonathan D. Grunberg, and G. Taylor Wilson (WGW). 

My next adventure will be fun. We just gotta have more Win With Lin Rallies for We The People!

On the other hand, the next adventure for the State Bar of Georgia and WGW is not going to be fun for them. 

I am going to bring the heat and shine light on the darkness.

After all, Lucian does mean light . . .

As I predicted last week when I started responding to the Wade, Grunberg, & Wilson frivolous fraud case against me, they filed a motion to have me held in contempt for violating an unconstitutional gag order which constitutes a prior restraint on speech (prior restraint is not favored at all under the First Amendment!!!).

I have been asserting emergency motions to have the unconstitutional gag order reversed for over 7 months but the Fulton Superior Court judges and the judges on the GA Court of Appeals and GA Supreme Court have IGNORED my motions. 

It is as if they do NOT want me to reasonably respond in the court of public opinion to tell my side of the story. They want the public to find me guilty by unproven accusations without hearing my evidence on the disputed claims. 

Does that seem fair to you?

Wow, it almost feels like the courts are intentionally allowing these lawyers to smear me and my reputation! 

What do you think they are doing by delaying the ruling on emergency motions???

Almost feels like Communism to me where the rules of law intended to protect the rights of the people are ignored by the ruling elite in order to advance the Communist state’s agenda. 

Sound about right to you?

Stay tuned. There is more.

Lin Wood files federal lawsuit against entire GA state BAR grievance committee, suing by name individuals! 

Uh 💣💥🔥 Boom!

More from Lin:

After the lawsuit was filed against me, I discovered on his Twitter page that Jonathan D. Grunberg of the Atlanta firm of Wade, Grunberg, & Wilson, LLC was a public supporter of Blacks Lives Matters (also known as BLM!). 

Wow! That was news to me!

I knew Jonathan was extremely liberal but he was sharing office space and was not my law partner (he had formerly

been an associate). He HATED President Trump so we had some friendly political debates in the office, I would jokingly tell Jonathan that he was so far left politically that I thought he was a Communist! We would laugh. Heck, now after seeing his support for BLM, I think I may have been right!!!

Could Grunberg be trying

to smear me due to a political agenda??? Many others sure have!

What do you think might be going on here???

Jonathan D. Grunberg is Jewish. Certainly never bothered me. I am not a person who has ever been prejudiced based on ethnicity, color, or gender. Check my record. 

Jonathan is from Chile. I made the mistake a few times of pronouncing his home country as “Chili.” He would correct me and tell me it was pronounced Chill-Lay. 

Many times in the middle of friendly banter or legal/political discussions, I would laughingly say to Jonathan that “you are a ‘Chill-layan Jew.’” We would both laugh as would others around us. 

Now Ol’ Jonathan sues me and claims I am an anti-Semite because I called him a Chilean Jew. 

Can you believe the nerve of this guy???

There is not a anti-Semitic bone in my body!!!

I also paid his salary for a full year when he could not do his job due to injuries from a fall. I gave him a bonus from a case to pay off his student loans!

I helped his wife who is a lawyer get a job with the in-house legal department of Parallel, a company in which I am an investor. Jonathan’s wife is black. 

And he now also has the nerve to suggest that I am a racist!?!?

The love of money is the root of all evil. Political agendas can play a role too. 

Someone falsely accusing me of being anti-Semitic or a racist is evil. 

Am I shining light on the darkness of the false fraud case filed against me by Grunberg and his cronies?

There is more. Stay tuned if you are enjoying the TRUTH!

Jonathan D. Grunberg and G. Taylor Wilson of the Atlanta law firm of Wade, Grunberg, & Wilson, LLC regularly visit my Telegram channel to keep up with my posts. 

I knew they would file a motion for contempt against me when I finally decided to speak the truth and defend myself in the court of public opinion as I have a Constitutional (and contractual right) to do. 

Ha! In order to decide the motion for contempt the court MUST now first address my Constitutional challenge to the gag order which has been IGNORED by the courts for over 7 months. And if the court rules the gag order is proper, I will appeal such an erroneous ruling up the appellate ladder to the U. S. Supreme Court if necessary. 

Could take years to resolve this litigation!

I will never quit fighting for

TRUTH, justice, and the rule of law. 

P.S. I also still enjoy teaching young lawyers a few legal strategy tricks. I love legally ensnaring my opponents! I also learned a lot of strategy in my 44 years as a trial lawyer! 😎

One more flash of light on the Wade, Grunberg, & Wilson, LLC (WGW) frivolous fraud case against me. 

WGW is represented by lawyers Andrew Beal and Ed Buckley of the Atlanta law firm of Buckley/Beal. 

Ed represented Ginger White and could not stay off TV with her when she was making accusations against my client, the late, Great American Patriot, HERMAN CAIN. Herman aggressively denied her accusations as false. 

Wonder if Buckley/Beal has a political agenda at work against me in the WGW frivolous fraud case??

What do you think?

Asking for a friend. 

Do you think I know how to “bring the heat” with the light of truth?

Don’t worry, I fully intend to keep “bringing the heat” with the light of truth on the McKissick/Graham/McMaster Cabal in South Carolina. 

You didn’t think my campaign was only about running for

the Chair of the SCGOP, did you???

I was the political dog chasing the Chairman car. But I am also a legal dog with a lot of legal bite!

Call it the Bite of Truth!

And I love to sink my teeth into the rear ends of liars, cheats, and frauds.

Check my record. 

P.S. I also know that members of the SC McKissick/Graham/McMaster Cabal follow my posts on Telegram. Wonder if Drew “Biden Won” McKissick is sleeping well after his lies and cheating, excuse me, I mean after his re-election as Chairman of the SCGOP. Drew now finds himself a chairman of a political party whose MEMBERS do not support him or respect him. 

I wish you luck, Drew! 😎

We The People must never lose hope. God is hope.

We The People must be fearless. God did not create us with a spirit of fear. 

We The People must speak truth. Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life. 

We must never stop fighting for our Constitutional rights and freedom. These blessings were bestowed upon us by  Almighty God. 

We The People must never stop fighting for our children. God loves the little children most of all. 

Every person engaged in child sex trafficking will be brought to justice. God is a God of wrath, righteousness, and justice. 

We The People must always fear the Lord. And wait on Him. 

I love We The People.

Rest well. 

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸