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Covid Stockholm syndrome

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People are suffering from a psychological trauma caused by covid regulations where they embrace their loss of liberties as part of what is becoming known as, Covid Stockholm Syndrome. These people are often seen to be defending masks, regulations, and their captors. They can be heard speaking such phrases as, “Lockdowns saves lives”, “My partner and I just bought matching masks..” “I’m excited that we may be allowed to see our family at Christmas”. I have asked such people why they believe regulations and masks help reduce the death rate, and I have found that in most cases they are basing their decisions on opinion-based articles from mainstream media or just going along with it without any rational explanation. Where they lack scientific data, they make up for it with aggression towards those who disagree with their opinions. Sadly, they often vilify, mock, and ridicule the very people who are trying to help free them from this imprisonment.

Imagine you are walking in a forest, breathing fresh air with friends, holding hands, laughing, and having a good time, but then you come across an old house. Suddenly, you hear people moaning from inside the house. You stop and look through the window where people are tied up in a basement with bruises and shackles on their wrists. They groan to each other, ’I lost my business.’ ‘I lost my job.’ ‘I haven’t seen anyone in 6 months.’ ‘I will probably never see my grandmother again.’ Your basic compassionate human instinct would drive you to protect those in need, and so you would try and save them. You might say something like, ‘Hey guys, we are outside the window, we can help you escape. The shackles are not tied, you can open them, take off the masks and walk out the open door. It’s over there!’ Then, to your utter amazement and horror, instead of thanking you and following your guidance, they attack you and insult you. Worse still, they start to insist that the fresh air is dangerous and you should be forced into the basement to join them. You start to realise their groans were not groans of pain, they were groans of masochistic pleasure they were getting from participating in the (covid) fear-porn. They start screaming as a chorus, “You are making things worse with your hugging and laughing. We hate people like you. Come in and put some chains and masks on or else you will kill granny.”

I am slightly embarrassed to share this with you but I used to be suffering from Covid Stockholm syndrome. Luckily, I only had a mild dose so I wasn’t ill enough to attack anyone else but I did use to wear a mask and followed all lockdown rules at the start of the pandemic (and now, ironically, I don’t even have a mask to hide my blushes). Once I started looking at the data, it became clear that this was even bigger nonsense than the bank bailouts. There is, of course, no shame in doing what you think is good for society. There is no shame in doing what you believe to be right. There is no shame in being deceived. It may, however, be shameful to presume you are right and force your views onto others (as I am sort of doing now.. but with logic and love, not threat and abuse). If you find yourself attacking others who are questioning this lockdown and enforcement of mask-wearing, maybe consider that you may not be 100% right and maybe, just maybe you have a little bit of Covid Stockholm Syndrome. Before you tell someone, they should put on a mask, maybe consider taking a deep breath, go to the mirror and ask yourself, “Can I be sure that I am 100% right and do I love my leader?”

I had it for a while, along with mild depression from dealing with being locked in. I suffered from the trauma of losing my business and felt helpless as my ability to earn a living faded before my eyes. I felt worthless and helpless and so fucking tired of it all and no motivation to do anything. People tried to support me by giving me unwarranted advice, saying things like, ‘Do you know what you should do? You should reinvent yourself’. I hated them but was too weak to do anything but mumble something like, ‘yeah, maybe you are right’. At one stage, I genuinely thought about studying law. Looking back, maybe I had gone mental from cabin fever. Anyway, it was a dark time indeed and I am probably only starting to come out of it lately. I would not wish this suffering on anyone and I am not writing this as a form of insult to make you or anyone feel worse for putting dirty face covers on your lovely faces and for participating in this madness. I am writing because I am trying to make sense of it. It sucks for all of us and the sooner we liberate ourselves the better for us all. Before agreeing to participate in lockdown or supporting any loss of liberty, I respectfully propose that we are certain it is the right thing to do as it is too risky to put our trust in politicians, the state, the medical industry, or any individual who takes the king’s shilling. Exactly who is telling us to do this? Have they any financial interest in what they are pushing? What are the consequences if we go down their recommended paths? How much money is being borrowed, from whom and how shall it be paid back? How many lives are we ‘saving’ and how many lives are we losing because of lockdown? These questions could go on and on but damn it why were they not asked on mainstream media before? As far as I can see, we are jumping up and down for a bunch of creepy, bought off men who are heavily invested in this facade.

I have a lot of respect for people who remain in Ireland (or whatever lockdown country) and are battling this lockdown with common sense and courage. Whether they refuse to wear a mask or make social media comments or simply speak openly to their friends, I applaud you. You are the ones who stop genocides (or at least try). You are the ones who put your love of humanity above the fear of getting a dirty look from a stranger. You are the ones who care and you are my heroes. May I add, not all heroes wear masks! I left Ireland and have since been to Italy, Greece, Sweden and now live in Amsterdam. I went to check out other countries because I do not believe anything in the corporate-owned mainstream media and I wanted to see what is happening with my own eyes. They have lied to me (us) so many times before and have a long history of deceiving the whole world. As my good friend, Bob Marley often sings to me, “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. So now you see the light.“ I left because I could not take it, I needed to escape the depression and misery of the brutal, totalitarian lockdown dungeon. If I had the courage, I would’ve stay at home and helped others out of the basement but when I tried I was attacked. When they attacked me, I had to fight the urge to attack back because divided we can be conquered and I know deep in my heart, we are all on the same side.

I have received such comments as, ‘Go fuck yourself’, “Dumbass”, “You’re a white cisgender male”, “Go eat yourself. Ride that high horse straight into hell.” “You just look like an arsehole”. “Do you know how fucking stupid and selfish you sound?“, “Cunt”. The comments were longer but I gave you some of the highlights. It appears that if you are not part of this cult and tied up in the dungeon, you become an outsider or a perceived enemy. In order for them to hold on to their beliefs, the outsiders must be attacked for being a lunatic, a right-winger, a Trump supporter, or some sort of baddy so they can justify their beliefs in their new beloved norm. Their leaders, their media, their politicians could not possibly lie. They must be right. They have allowed themselves to be hurt too hard, invested too much to allow for the possibility that maybe, just maybe they are on the wrong side of history. I personally don’t mind being called such names because what I hear is, “you are not part of our cult”, which is reassuring for me because I hate the taste of Kool-Aid. Last week, a woman I used to fancy when I was 13, reached out to me recently by email to inform me that she was disappointed in me and she demanded I unsubscribe her from my email list (even though there was an unsubscribe button on the email). For a moment, I felt a small pang of pain and then I realised now is the time to shed that which holds us back and make space for those who are important to us. In short, a girl I fancied when I was 13 was never going to make my Mad Max team (especially if she cannot work out how to use the unsubscribe button).

It may be easier to put on a mask and embrace the new norm than to accept the reality that our liberties are being taken from us and we are prisoners. It may be easier to wear a mask than to risk a dirty look from a stranger. It may be easier to do what we are told than to stand up to the school teacher or whatever perceived authority points a finger in our faces and tells us what to do. If we break the rules, we are under threat of fines, imprisonment, and ultimately, violence. However, the easiest option is not always the best for our souls. Can you imagine the immediate shock they will get if they find out it was all bullshit? It would shatter their world. Their realities would explode as they realise the media, politicians and the medical industry were all wrong and/or lying. What then? Shall they apologise for playing a part in the ‘great reset’, building a heartless ‘new norm’ that isolates humanity, and more importantly, will they apologise for calling me mean names? Probably not. I imagine it’s more likely that they shall embrace the new norm with open arms and masked faces. If we cannot work, run our own business freely, see our family, visit our friends, choose what we wear or what we buy, well then I would ask the question, what exactly are you fighting for?