“I believe we watched a 6 month long strategy since the election to goad Dominion into suing, which the company felt confident in doing because Lindell, Lin Wood and Sidney were making all kinds of weird and fantastic claims that made them look…well…crazy. US Army raids in Frankfurt! Haspel got shot! Dominion and their lawyers watching all this wild and crazy rumor-mongering must have thought “These people are lunatics. This is going to be easy.”  There’s a difference between being actually crazy and crazy like a fox to lure your opponent in.” -Cates

Fake News/Enemy of the People

FLASHBACK 4/3/2020

He knows….he always knows

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it no longer matters. Our nation has been under cyber attack for years by China and other adversaries. The crime of the century is the attack and theft of our 3 NOV election. Everyone knows it happened, “it’s that black and white…it’s our country.”

Please listen 🙏🏻🇺🇸

— General Mike Flynn