Getting you started…

Pissing in the wind? Tilting at windmills? Maybe. Yeah, I get it. It’s easy to throw up your hands and be cynical especially when you look at all at the forces arrayed against us. But from Baltimore to Nanking to Tehran (see below) and even in Europe, people are at a breaking point. Change won’t happen overnight. But then again, I distinctly remember being in college when Reagan took office and the Soviet Union seemed as imposing and permanent as ever. Look what happened not even a decade later.

What cannot go on will not go on. The only questions are, how long can the intolerable be tolerated, what will it cost to overthrow the shackles of repression and ultimately, if we are successful (please G-d), what will come after? Lots to ponder.

Good morning kids. Wednesday and it seems we’re in a race; a race to cover-up Fauci and the fraud-cum-pandemic he and the Chi-Coms unleashed on the world, the abject criminality, criminal incompetence and unreconstructed real racism of Joe Biden, his son, Veep Throat Kackler Harris and all the other Maoists in the cabinet, the growing physical/forensic evidence confirming and proving that the 2020 election was indeed stolen in at last two of the six states (and another one showing the one that installed Soros stooge L.A. DA Gascon was rigged [and who knows how many others]) and much other malfeasance, hypocrisy and destruction so as to preserve, protect and defend the anti-American counter-revolution. 

I am reticent in the extreme to even talk of electoral politics or polling or anything else involving normal political discourse because that stuff is right out the window considering everything we had witnessed going back to Obama and climaxing on January 6th-20th of this year. And there was no happy ending. But there are signs out there that we here in the former United States of America and elsewhere around the world at the very least understand we are hurtling headlong into a new dark age and perhaps are not going to go quietly. Speaking of “happy endings,” this happened the other day in the Peoples Republic of China: