British Airways in a crisis – UPDATE!

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“I’m a pilot and fly for a living. Two days after receiving the vaccine I flew my plane and immediately noticed something was wrong with me. I was having a very hard time focusing. Approximately two hours into my flying I felt sudden and extreme pressure in my head and nearly blacked out. I immediately landed and stopped flying. Two days later I tried flying again and the exact same thing happened again after 20 minutes. The burning in my neck intensified and was now accompanied by dizziness, nausea, disorientation, confusion, uncontrollable shaking, and tinkling (sic) in my toes and fingers. I immediately went to my hometown doctor and he diagnosed me with vertigo…. I cannot fly with this condition. I’m currently taking Diamox to reduce the pressure in my spinal cord and brain stem.”

I looked up the Twitter account of kmacbean123 (that’s who the British Airways rep replied to) and the statement above was among hundreds of comments in her Twitter feed. Here are more:


Most of the comments are sensible, asking the right questions. Many question the safety of flying with pilots who have been jabbed with the experimental genetic code injection. For example:

“If there is even the potential for such a link, I’m sure your legal team are looking carefully at the insurance position and general duty of care to passengers and your employees, as you are now on notice of possible cause of harm.”

“Have you had 4 pilots die before in the same week?
Did all 4 have an experimental gene therapy vaccine in last 28days?
Someone in HR should be asking these questions first surely before straight out denial?!?”

“I believe that about 85% of BA pilots have been vaccinated. If that’s true, on any given flight, there is a high probability both pilot and co-pilot have been vaccinated. Given the recent deaths, are your flights safe? Is it safe to get on a BA plane?”

“Were those pilots vaccinated, and when did they get the jab in relation with their death? Shouldn’t there be a postmortem examination before you assure the public that there is no connection?”

“Has BA been in talks with UK government entities about these deaths, or in talks about vaccine clotting risks to pilots?”

“RIP to the pilots and condolences to their families. However, if this was to happen mid flight and IS because of the vax…who would be liable? Certainly not the pharma companies with their immunity to vax damage. Worrying times ahead and sadly more deaths are coming.”

“4 pilots and in such a short time this has happened how many times in the last 10 years ?”

“99.7% of people (including the elderly and vulnerable) survive covid. That fact alone makes it highly unlikely that four pilots of that age died within a week of each other. They also have regular medicals, unlike the majority of us. It is concerning….

“But what about the flight licence for your remaining staff if pilots with high risq of thrombosis and what about insurances if they go on piloting your planes?”

“It would be much safer if you stopped pressuring your employees to take experimental mRNA injections.”

“So jab manufacturers are not liable for damages, most insurance companies don’t want to know as it’s voluntary and not approved only emergency authorised, employers will be sued. Who is going to pick up the tab, BA? The tax payer again? Things will get very messy verry quickly.”

“Yes. Nothing to see here. Four pilots, who I am sure are regularly tested by BA for their physical and mental fitness to get and keep a big metal thing in the air, then bring it down safely, with 100s of passengers in their care……just died. OK.”

And so it goes, on… and on… and on…


THREE(3) British Airways pilots have DIED of the COVID vaccine in the past 7-days, and BA are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their vaccinated pilots should be allowed to fly.

This presents a big problem because around 85% of all British Airways pilots have already been vaccinated.

MP3 telephone call is below.

H/t via Gab @BeachMilk

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