Last night Lin Wood wrote:

“My Father’s Day will likely be a quiet one this year like it was last year

So I will go ahead and shake things up a bit on Father’s Day Eve

Here is another question for you to consider:

What do the “wives” of Mike Pence, Barack Obama, Joey “Bribes” Biden, Bill Clinton, and George “9/11” Bush 43 have in common?

Your answer to that question may be revealing on what the husbands have in common

I will enjoy reading your replies!!!”

Here are a few of his readers’ comments:



Complicit…follow the money.


Love of power and prestige above all else.


So what they have in common is their husbands are part of the establishment of the deep state. Not putting America middle class first on their radar

They were out of touch with middle class America. They only used the “middle heartland America first agenda” only to get them elected and reelected into office and took a blind eye of us after they were in office! 

We don’t know for sure if they committed treason in this country or not. Those questions need to be investigated. But by whom? We found out today FBI was corrupt on January 6 with them involved with the plot of insurrection itself. I see now, their only mission is to lock up or do away from the descent class of people that is fighting back! Pretty scary times we are living in now. Check their record

Trump was the only one who had balls of steele to get it done for middle America and to out middle class America first the whole 4 years he was in office. God bless President Trump! ♥️♥️👍👍🇺🇲


AND… the reply that was offered most often focused on “the envelope”:

They all got the envelope at GHWB’s funeral. What did it say???